Imagination Quotes - The act of recalling people, objects, and events from our memories is known as imagination. It enables us to see things from many viewpoints and to empathize with others. It is the part of your mind that has the potential to generate new images and concepts in your head. imagination is the ability to generate new thoughts and concepts via the use of one's imagination. You create something wholly new rather than recycling something that already exists.

Fantasy imagination creates and develops, among other things, stories, melodies, dramas, and esoteric building. Subconscious imagination is the collection of ideas, beliefs, and emotions that emerge during various periods of sleep.

We won't be able to create something new if we don't have imagination. This is an extremely widespread misunderstanding. The ability to imagine is a great tool. It has a tremendous amount of power. So, here are some quotes about imagination.

Imagination Quotes

Dreams are often termed as illogical because they are out of the ordinary.
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Children can imagine better because their mind is not restricted by reality.
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Every imagination does not become reality, but every reality was once an imagination.
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We can dream as long as we can imagine better things
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Imagination is inspired by our surroundings but it always defies them.
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Imagination is unrestrained, unorthodox and unconventional. It does not follow the rules of the world.
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Imagination does not have logic just the way logic doesn’t have imagination.
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A free mind has a strong power of imagination.
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Imagination is like any other craft. The more you practice it, the better you get at it.
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Imagination comes and goes. Before you forget them, just write them down in your journal.
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Imagination gives us a relief from the monotony of real life.
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The stories of imagination are the most interesting ones to read.
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If imagination is organized and methodical, it cannot create the magic it does.
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It is important to control and organize our thoughts but not our imagination.
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We believe that the world revolves around our imagination. That’s why we are surprised when something happens that we did not imagine.
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Fantasy movies take us to a different universe which people know does not exist but still enjoy believing it exists.
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Our imagination is made up of our dreams, hopes and emotions.
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Imagination brings science and arts together. It makes scientists invent new things and artists create new things.
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If life is a movie and it is made only on facts without imagination, then the audience would never enjoy watching it.
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Never try to control your imagination. Let it flow freely. One day it will take you along with it.
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Imagination does not need sense organs. It makes us see without eyes, hear without ears, smell without nose, taste without tongue and feel without touch.
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Every person has different imagination and that is what makes him unique.
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Imagination cannot be measured. It is limitless, infinite and unstoppable.
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Imagination is a creator. All the beautiful things in the world are created out of imagination.
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A mind without imagination is a river without water.
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Imagination is far from reality, but it inspires us to make it the reality.
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Unless you think of something big, you cannot make it happen.
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