The state or quality of being independent: freedom from dependence, exemption from reliance on, or control by others , self subsistence or maintenance, direction of one’s own affair without interference ,not dependent, not contingent or depending on something else, free not affiliated with any political party providing a comfortable livelihood, first learn to stay happy with what you do stay happy under any circumstances. learn not to wait until somebody makes chance for you or helps you with your groceries these are the just daily life examples where We chronically depend on others for our own requirements.

It’s not just fair to you but also to others to keep feeding you while you refuse to even lift your finger couch potato. Come out from your comfort zone, to achieve something. if you are not keep pushing yourself from your comfort zone you may not be unique to others.Stay motivated no matter what you have faith in yourself the positive mindset that we will nail it no matter what is the mindset one needs to pull it off. Put an extra effort and do it yourself.

So check out some of our independence quotes to be independent

Independence Quotes