The state or quality of being independent: freedom from dependence, exemption from reliance on, or control by others , self subsistence or maintenance, direction of one’s own affair without interference ,not dependent, not contingent or depending on something else, free not affiliated with any political party providing a comfortable livelihood, first learn to stay happy with what you do stay happy under any circumstances. learn not to wait until somebody makes chance for you or helps you with your groceries these are the just daily life examples where We chronically depend on others for our own requirements.

It’s not just fair to you but also to others to keep feeding you while you refuse to even lift your finger couch potato. Come out from your comfort zone, to achieve something. if you are not keep pushing yourself from your comfort zone you may not be unique to others.Stay motivated no matter what you have faith in yourself the positive mindset that we will nail it no matter what is the mindset one needs to pull it off. Put an extra effort and do it yourself.

So check out some of our independence quotes to be independent

Independence Quotes

Total Independence can only be obtained in a mental state, when we recognize the real self and unite with the creator and obtain the quality of the creater
Independence Quotes 127
Ultimate Independence is when we actually know ourselves which is free from the bondage of the material body.
Independence Quotes 126
Final Independence is when we get the ultimate knowledge and unite ourselves with the supreme power and be the creator.
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Independence is celebrated by all the citizens of a nation on Independence Day and why not daily?
Independence Quotes 124
Independence gives us the freedom to speech that literally does not give us the permission to speak rubbish about our nation, or our national pride.
Independence Quotes 123
Independence is actually meant for responsible people, irresponsible people seldom utilize the same properly.
Independence Quotes 122
The Concept of Independence today is often a demand to fulfill personal, regional, cultural or social benefits.
Independence Quotes 121
Independence is a free gift given by the freedom fighters to us and we should be committed to keep their heads high.
Independence Quotes 120
Independence is for us and we are responsible for it, can only be understood by proper knowledge and love and respect for our nation.
Independence Quotes 119
Love for the country and its property can be the only way to save the Independence of a nation
Independence Quotes 118
Independence of a nation is often threatened by its own citizens, by knowingly or unknowingly selling our national property to satisfy our greed.
Independence Quotes 117
Independence is needed by all but very few knows how to maintain the same
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Definition of Independence is changing with time and now independence is more materialistic than ever before. Now-a-days child wants to have a separate android set else it he feels dependent on parent’s mobile set.
Independence Quotes 115
Democracy is considered the ultimate Independence for citizens of a country.
Independence Quotes 114
Independence for what is actually shot, varies from situation to situation and with time
Independence Quotes 113
Independence word itself has inbuilt word dependence, that should be understood.
Independence Quotes 112
Independence is always given with certain limitations, independent right to speak is restricted by situations and social bindings etc.
Independence Quotes 111
Independence actually shifts from one situation to the other and we are actually never independent. Dependency from parents, to teachers, husband or wife and ultimately finance.
Independence Quotes 110
Independence is generally given by parents in a controlled fashion to there child, were the control is lesser the responsibility grows and vice versa.
Independence Quotes 109
Independence meaning is less understood by those who actually have it.
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Lack of Independence is mostly felt in childhood.
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Total independence is always enjoyed by human thoughts, who has no physical boundary.
Independence Quotes 106
Independence of movement is enjoyed by the smallest creature called Ant but not human, who have created their own boundary.
Independence Quotes 105
Independence of movement is never obtained as, we always have boundary created by humans.
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Total Independence of speech is never obtained as we have to restrict ourselves as per situation.
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Independence of expenditure is seldom achieved.
Independence Quotes 102
Independence from foreign rule is thought to be an independent country.
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