Intelligence Quotes - Human intelligence is one’s skill to perceive an information and retain it as knowledge for application of it in any relative context.

Intelligence is not what we gain from learning, its developed throughout life. it’s being smart. This is doing something productive that will propel him/ her forward. To determine an extremely intelligent person you have to consider various factors from statistical and practical standpoint. Actually, these
persons are one who can sync things between facts, experiences and concepts. Basically, we can say it the ability that lets you to perform cognitive tasks in math, spatial, visualization, verbal fluency and have things in memory. All psychologists seem to agree upon the fact that in early childhood, there is rapid growth of intelligence and relatively this gets slower during adolescence. intelligence will vary considerably based on our values and priorities.

Intelligence is a capacity an organism to adopt, adjust and live in a complex environment. Human Intelligence is to think rationally without biases and act purposefully and effectively with his environment. One of the characteristics that distinguishes humans from animals is intelligence. A human is more intelligent than an ape.

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Intelligence Quotes

our actions are the source of our intelligence, so don't sit idol and indulge in new creations.
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being intelligent doesn't mean its permanent, because the moment you slip, you got a defect.
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failures are one of the step towards intelligence, because you will never get something with ignorance.
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success comes along with intelligence, two of them walk together for existence.
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Intelligent ones will accept their mistakes and errors, so don't wait and overcome your every fear
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intelligence is like a bird, flying high using wings with some goals to achieve
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be an optimist and use your intelligence to make a life, keep the rest of the thoughts aside.
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it takes a lot than being intelligent to achieve intelligence.
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intelligent man will never stop learning, because great minds exist only when its learning
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intelligent minds are born with great thoughts, to be intelligent you have to be rare
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our mind is not a vessel that you will fill with nonsense, it exist to only to get filled with intelligence
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intelligence helps to adapt to change sooner, people with intelligence are considered braver.
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intelligent people will never raise questions to a question, they will rather find every solution for that question
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people with different talents are considered crazy, but their intelligence has made them talented, baby
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hell will be much better if intelligence lies there, if in heaven intelligence is not seen anywhere.
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education is just a mean to gain intelligence, so to achieve intelligence you need evaluation.
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intelligent man will always take their decisions wisely, they will be handling things very kindly
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intelligence changes from generation to generation, because new things come along with creation
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categorizing intelligence of people isn't on the basis of marks, sometimes people with high evaluation also lacks
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sometimes you have to adjust your intelligence according to the crowd, so don't be ashamed just feel proud
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real intelligence comes when you overcome your Every situations, it doesn't exist in imaginations
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intelligence and cleverness have a huge difference, intelligence comes by harf work not by nonsense
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intelligence takes long time and stability, so instead of loosing it make it your reality.
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it would be mean if we don't acknowledge intelligence of others, because we all here are sisters and brothers.
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intelligent life began when it exist in real, existence of sharp mind without any fear
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we can't compare human intelligence with aliens, because comparison is done only by humans.
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there are many intelligent beings on this earth, but i was intelligent since i was not even born
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