Intelligence Quotes - Human intelligence is one’s skill to perceive an information and retain it as knowledge for application of it in any relative context.

Intelligence is not what we gain from learning, its developed throughout life. it’s being smart. This is doing something productive that will propel him/ her forward. To determine an extremely intelligent person you have to consider various factors from statistical and practical standpoint. Actually, these
persons are one who can sync things between facts, experiences and concepts. Basically, we can say it the ability that lets you to perform cognitive tasks in math, spatial, visualization, verbal fluency and have things in memory. All psychologists seem to agree upon the fact that in early childhood, there is rapid growth of intelligence and relatively this gets slower during adolescence. intelligence will vary considerably based on our values and priorities.

Intelligence is a capacity an organism to adopt, adjust and live in a complex environment. Human Intelligence is to think rationally without biases and act purposefully and effectively with his environment. One of the characteristics that distinguishes humans from animals is intelligence. A human is more intelligent than an ape.

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Intelligence Quotes