The level of being gracious, generous, and thoughtful. While kindness has the significance of thinking someone is ignorant or vulnerable, this is not the case. Being kind often involves courage and power, Mercy is the interpersonal skill.


Power of Kindness


Although it may appear as though the act of kindness is completely absolute, It may be other if we take this moment to really examine why it is that we seem as though we want to improve these people get access to these same resources as well. Having this power to encourage others makes us feel as though we exist over them and have more strength than them. Field has served us look as though we are excellent to all those who do not get right to it. If we thought as thought they were our equals, although they do not have that direct access to engineering and us learning them about engineering could improve make them more knowledge and power, We could not act to take technology into their lives because this could finally help make them superior to us. We are just ready to help others who want it as far as we do not see them as a possible danger and we are convinced that our assistance to them cannot in the long run be harmful to us.


Kindness and Religion


Kindness is a philosophical and religious issue of interest. One of the key themes of the Bible was kindness. Aristotle describes kindness as "helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the benefit of the helper himself, but for the benefit of the person aided" in Book II of "Rhetoric." Kindness and love, according to Nietzsche, are the "most curative plants and agents in human intercourse." The virtue of kindness is regarded as one of the knightly qualities.


"God is so nice that it's impossible to conceive His boundless goodness!"


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