Life lessons Quotes- A life lesson is something that can be learned through mistakes made in the past. If you make a mistake, you should learn from it, but you should not dwell on it. Simply put, a life lesson teaches us not to repeat our mistakes.

The attitude you carry with you will determine the quality of your life. Carry a positive attitude to live a positive life and make others' lives a little brighter with these life lessons quotes.

Life Lessons Quotes

You need to take chances to follow your heart but it is worth it.
Life Lessons Quotes 42
Success comes not from being good once but from being good consistently.
Life Lessons Quotes 41
If you don't learn to accept yourself the way you are, others will never do.
Life Lessons Quotes 40
Life throws same challenges to everyone. It is only how one reacts to them that makes one life different from another.
Life Lessons Quotes 39
To reach the top you should be better than others. And to be better than others you should work harder than others
Life Lessons Quotes 38
Success always comes at a price. A lot of sacrifices are needed to get success.
Life Lessons Quotes 37
Don't force anything on yourself except challenges.
Life Lessons Quotes 36
If you are unable to heal your pain, time will heal it for you.
Life Lessons Quotes 35
Dreaming big is good but of no use if you don't work towards it.
Life Lessons Quotes 34
Every failure is an experience to be used for your future victories
Life Lessons Quotes 33
Everything is uncertain about life except one thing that it moves on
Life Lessons Quotes 32
You can never achieve anything big in life if you are afraid to take risks.
Life Lessons Quotes 31
You can never find your true self if you fall into the stereotypical trap. You should be yourself to find your niche.
Life Lessons Quotes 30
Your problems would not get resolved if you turn your back on them. They can only be resolved if you face them.
Life Lessons Quotes 29
You cannot forgive others unless you can forgive yourself. Try to be less harsh on yourself.
Life Lessons Quotes 28
Our life experiences of the past plays a huge role in shaping the person that we are today.
Life Lessons Quotes 27
Success is not about bagging a good opportunity but to make the most of it.
Life Lessons Quotes 26
To move ahead in life you should be detached from things that are not in your control.
Life Lessons Quotes 25
You will be better prepared for a challenge if you mentally prepare yourself for both victory and defeat.
Life Lessons Quotes 24
Every failure, disappointment and struggle is a part of your life, not your entire life.
Life Lessons Quotes 23
Life would be a lot easier if you start counting your blessings and focusing on them rather than your hardships
Life Lessons Quotes 22
Do not worry if you are not good at something. Always remember you are more than good at something else
Life Lessons Quotes 21
A person can only hurt you if you are too much attached to him
Life Lessons Quotes 20
You cannot undo what you did in the past. You can only do things differently in the future
Life Lessons Quotes 19
To be successful in life you need to set high standards for yourself from a young age
Life Lessons Quotes 18
Progress takes place when people dare to dream beyond their horizon.
Life Lessons Quotes 17
Get involved in things but don't get attached to things.
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