Life lessons Quotes- A life lesson is something that can be learned through mistakes made in the past. If you make a mistake, you should learn from it, but you should not dwell on it. Simply put, a life lesson teaches us not to repeat our mistakes.

The attitude you carry with you will determine the quality of your life. Carry a positive attitude to live a positive life and make others' lives a little brighter with these life lessons quotes.

Life Lessons Quotes

Words cut deeper than any blade, choose them wisely.
Life Lessons Quotes 76
There is no shame in fearing, what matters is how we face it.
Life Lessons Quotes 75
sometimes by the time we learn to live it becomes too late .Make every moment count.
Life Lessons Quotes 74
A problem is an opportunity for you to do your best.
Life Lessons Quotes 73
Like a moon you may not be full but you are beautiful even in the darkest places
Life Lessons Quotes 72
Life is a collection of moments and memories , own them & adore them
Life Lessons Quotes 71
Your actions only make your ideas live..!! Work for your dream
Life Lessons Quotes 70
If life takes good things from you, remember it’ll always give you the better things after.
Life Lessons Quotes 69
Let others think you’re weird but, you know you are an exception among them
Life Lessons Quotes 67
Life is like a boat, row it with hardwork and you will reach your island of goals
Life Lessons Quotes 67
If you don’t like your destiny, don’t ignore it just change it the way you want
Life Lessons Quotes 66
If you want to win, set your heart ablaze..!!
Life Lessons Quotes 65
when people lose faith in you..remember, that moment you lose everything
Life Lessons Quotes 64
Only the strong hearts can survive the darkest times
Life Lessons Quotes 63
Be the fullest of what you have..not on what you need
Life Lessons Quotes 62
Life is a colorless paper, it’s in your hands to make it beautiful
Life Lessons Quotes 61
Rare as is true love in life, true friendship is rarer
Life Lessons Quotes 60
Focus on the problems you’ll suffer, Focus on the lesson you will grow.
Life Lessons Quotes 59
Set your heart to work not on the rewards.
Life Lessons Quotes 58
Never let your fear stop tiring of your future goals, just let know your fears that life goals are more important.
Life lessons quotes 57
In the process of life lessons, do not have an open heart to lose people around you. Because once they are gone, then they are gone forever.
Life lessons quotes 56
A grateful heart makes more victories in life, so never be greedy or crafty towards your life partner as life lessons are hard to experience.
Life lessons quotes 55
Do not waste your life remembering the past sorrows, because life is too short to live in the past, just make your plans according to past life lessons.
Life lessons quotes 53
Wisdom is the fruitful outcome of bad life lessons, so if your life is in a bad situation now, just trust that wisdom is nearing you
Life lessons quotes 52
When someone behaves badly to you, don’t ever try to stop them, just take it as a life lesson and be cautious in the future to be with the right people
Life lessons quotes 51
Every human being has an invisible power that he doesn’t know exists inside him, so just find your power today.
Life lessons quotes 50
Do not complicate your life through the sadness of losing people who gave you hard times and bad life lessons, just move on.
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