<p>The lion is the species in the cat house. It is a strong, deep-chested guy with a small, round top, one reduced neck and round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of its tail. This cat equals sexually dimorphic; males represent larger than females with the normal metric range of</p>
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<p>150 to 250 kilograms for those once and 120 to 182 kg for the latter. Male lions have a large hair, which is the most recognizable characteristic of the species. The cat pride consists of a couple of individual males, related females and cubs. Groups of female lions typically chase jointly, preying largely on huge ungulates. Although they scavenge when the opportunity arises, this species is the apex and keystone animal. Although lions have been known to hunt humans, this particular kind does not.</p>
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<p>Lion’s pride</p>
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<p>The largest group of male lions are found in the southern part of Africa. Lions are the second largest members of the cat family after tigers.  Lions begin to vocalize as soon as they are born but their vocalizations start to develop into roars until the lines are about one year old. Roaring allows lions to claim their territory by communicating their presence to potential intruders. It also helps them communicate with fellow lions within their pride.</p>
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<p>Social groups of lions</p>
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<p>The only cats that live in social groups termed "prides" are lions.</p>
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<p>These groups are family units that include as few as three and as many as 40 lions. They typically have one dominant male but may sometimes have two to three leading males at a time the rest of the pride’s adult members are females and they often related to each other they give birth around the&nbsp; same time which allows their cubs nurse from multiple females.</p>
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<p>Lions are not the most successful hunters, but they do consume lot of meat. Lionesses who are the primary hunters of a pride only succeed in making a kill less than 30 percent&nbsp; of the time their such as zebras and antelope are usually faster and larger than the lionesses&nbsp; but by working together&nbsp; the females increase their chances of exhausting their prey&nbsp;and killing it. check out some </p>

Lions Quotes

Have a aim, never miss the aim as lion never miss it’s target to hunt
Lions Quotes 25
Fight for your goal, set a goal make it happen perfectly
Lions Quotes 24
Live like a king(lion) enjoy your own company, be happy and positive
Lions Quotes 23
The largest animal on earth after tigers, Cubs too hunt for their prey, best animal on earth
Lions Quotes 22
Learn patience from lion, he’s very patience until he gets better prey, lion never hasten
Lions Quotes 21
Lion a better friend if treated them in their language, love lion
Lions Quotes 20
A lion looks lazy but he’s as fire in hunting, deer is lion’s favorite
Lions Quotes 19
The lion with a crown is a symbol of Positivity, and symbol of beliefs many believes
Lions Quotes 18
Lion is in man’s hand as a tatoo to show that man is brave and courageous and a symbol of strength
Lions Quotes 17
Lion the symbol of God for many and wise creature, love animals
Lions Quotes 16
He’s the king for the justice, majesty and might.. Love animals to understand emotions better
Lions Quotes 15
Best quality of lion a good decision maker a best goal keeper, keep that quality
Lions Quotes 14
Lion famous for strength and courage, how much you are strenghthfull that much you are respected
Lions Quotes 13
Be a lion than a sheep, lion hunts bravely but sheep failed to escape
Lions Quotes 12
Lion roars because he’s open he didn’t hide anything because he’s truthful, lion doesn’t hide like a lie
Lions Quotes 11
Keep your standards high as lion he never bend in front of anyone even to eat grass, he always eat self hunted foods
Lions Quotes 10
Fearlessness an amazing quality of lion man must adopt the quality to face the world
Lions Quotes 9
Barking dog is doesn’t valuable but silent lion is a gem , Silence things are precious
Lions Quotes 8
Eat a food from earnings is a easy thing but to hunt for a food is the bravest thing that the lion have
Lions Quotes 7
Roar of a lion everyone scared to hear, but he’s is fearless to achieve
Lions Quotes 6
You became perfect only after you learn worst lessons, like wise lion too have many scars to be a king of jungle
Lions Quotes 5
A bravery of lion every human must need in their heart to face this chaotic world
Lions Quotes 4
Have the attitude of lion that he chases for the deer like human too chase for their dream
Lions Quotes 3
Lion a kind animal they too have the quality as humans, show kindness to animals to show kindness to human
Lions Quotes 2
Lion the king of jungle, brave animal , it’s appearance itself shows his attitude and bravery
Lions Quotes 1