Love and Relationship Quotes - People say love is a set of emotions with passion, pain, intimacy all within one. But actually, love is a divine feeling that is the basic necessity of Everyone's life. People have various definitions of Love. Over your life, you will come across different kinds of relationships like friendship, lovers, life-partners, etc. Each relationship will bring something new and teach something. 


 What is Love for you? The answers vary for everyone. From literature to Films, you see different perspectives of people about love. It's beautiful when you feel a great fondness for someone, and the feeling is even ineffable. 


Relationships are challenging as well as beautiful. Finding someone with whom you can share and care, Moreover falling in love with them is a magical feeling. More than love there should be trust, good communication, loyalty, affection, respect to keep a relationship. 


A healthy relationship will make you love yourself by loving them. Love is all about valuing each other and respecting each other's opinions. True love involves the trust between both of you. Also, hope and faith manifest the intimacy of your relationship.


From sweet to inspiring, here are a few Love and Relationship Quotes to share with your loved ones That are sure to make the heart flutter. 

Love & Relationship Quotes