Love and Relationship Quotes - People say love is a set of emotions with passion, pain, intimacy all within one. But actually, love is a divine feeling that is the basic necessity of Everyone's life. People have various definitions of Love. Over your life, you will come across different kinds of relationships like friendship, lovers, life-partners, etc. Each relationship will bring something new and teach something. 


 What is Love for you? The answers vary for everyone. From literature to Films, you see different perspectives of people about love. It's beautiful when you feel a great fondness for someone, and the feeling is even ineffable. 


Relationships are challenging as well as beautiful. Finding someone with whom you can share and care, Moreover falling in love with them is a magical feeling. More than love there should be trust, good communication, loyalty, affection, respect to keep a relationship. 


A healthy relationship will make you love yourself by loving them. Love is all about valuing each other and respecting each other's opinions. True love involves the trust between both of you. Also, hope and faith manifest the intimacy of your relationship.


From sweet to inspiring, here are a few Love and Relationship Quotes to share with your loved ones That are sure to make the heart flutter. 

Love & Relationship Quotes

I know what it feels like to be happy only through our love relationship and also I know what is sadness only through your breakup.
love relationship quotes 60
If someone cherishes their love relationship with you, then that person will not be scared to open up his love for you even in a place where million people exist.
love relationship quotes 58
I am a girl who goes easy but that doesn’t mean that am not amazing, just be in a love relationship with me, to know me better.
love relationship quotes 59
Be ready to wait for hundreds of nights because our relationship is love and just not lust.
love relationship quotes 57
I wish to end the love relationship with you because you became my addiction and you became my only life goal.
love relationship quotes 56
Since my childhood, I always felt myself a coward, and now am the most courageous man in the world as being in a love relationship with a feminist.
love relationship quotes 51
I am not ready to set you free and wait for you to come back, because you became mine right after you accepted to be in a love relationship with me.
love relationship quotes 55
I may not have the opportunity to see you and to kiss you every day, but trust me am super happy just because I have a love relationship with the right person.
love relationship quotes 54
I don’t know what is to be loved but I need you to be my love and I just want to create a beautiful love relationship with you.
love relationship quotes 53
The best part of being in a long-distance love relationship is that we don’t fight about sharing the house chores.
love relationship quotes 52
You are neither my friend nor in a love relationship with me, and I couldn't understand what you are to me but am sure that you are my everything.
love relationship quotes 50
To kiss you is not my hobby, it is my passion in life and so be in a love relationship with me for the rest of my life.
love relationship quotes 49
I have experienced nights with endless tears because of one lousy love relationship and now I have set up my mind to be not in a relationship once again.
love relationship quotes 48
I started to cherish your imperfections just to make our love relationship a perfect one, so make more flaws.
love relationship quotes 47
Through all these years, I have crossed hundreds of men passing by, but you are the only one who stole my heart and tempted me to be in a love relationship.
love relationship quotes 46
I fell in love when you exactly understood what I was going through in my silence.
love & relationship quotes 45
You filled the incomplete part of me. Without you I would go empty. I promise to give the best of myself to make you smile.
love & relationship quotes 44
The supreme happiness is when you have a person who loves seeing you happy, wipes your tears, understands your silence and listen to your hourly talks.
love & relationship quotes 43
Before a man could touch your hands make sure if he has touched your soul.
love & relationship quotes 42
Life’s beautiful feeling is about finding something special and having someone to share with.
love & relationship quotes 41
A true relationship doesn’t give up each other beyond imperfections. Acceptance and trust are like wheels of a bike called love.
love & relationship quotes 40
Love is not about enjoying the sunshine all the life; it’s also about sharing umbrella in the storm together.
love & relationship quotes 39
Real love is who takes care of your soul, your well-being and your heart.
love & relationship quotes 38
Promises are forever and love has no age. I’m lucky that I found you and I would dare to fight a war to have you mine.
love & relationship quotes 37
Love thought me ‘smallest distance seems so far and greatest distance can be bridged.
love & relationship quotes 36
The trust you show me, the space you give me makes me so comfortable that I could fall on your shoulders and ask for nothing.
love & relationship quotes 35
You loved me when I couldn’t love myself. You found my goodness when I was struggling to. You showed me happiness when I didn’t even know.
love & relationship quotes 34