Loyalty Quotes - Loyalty means the world to a lot of people. And some people, it has not even touched.  From calling a stranger to check in on, holding an elderly’s hands while crossing the busy road, covering for your colleague’s absence to turning up at your neighbor’s at midnight; loyalty drives our humanity to the edge. Our dedication and love for a person, cause, philosophy, belief, thing, etc. are what we simply call loyalty. .


Loyalty is the very basis of human nature. It is what makes us human and makes us respectable and lovable among our fellow human beings. And it’s the same quality about others that encourages our hearts to trust and love them. In other words, life is all about how loyal we are.


Today you will come across the finest loyalty quotes.

Loyalty Quotes

One loyal friend is worth thousand fake relatives. Blessed are the ones with loyal friend.
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True loyalty is known who stay true to you behind your back.
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A man’s loyalty is tested when he has nothing. A man’s attitude is tested when he has everything.
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A loyal person cannot tolerate betrayal. At the same time he will always be generous with mistakes too.
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Loyalty is like diamond. Rare to find, valued high and shines in action not in words.
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Respect is earned for the honesty. Trust is gained for the loyalty. You will be appreciated and rewarded for being faithful.
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Don’t waste time in relationships who can’t even give you honesty.
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Being royal may not last long, but I am pretty sure being loyal will last a lifetime.
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It’s okay to be imperfect with loyalty. In the end it feels better to be truly faithful than being falsely famous.
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It’s wrong to be in a place where a loyal person no longer receives it back.
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Looks keep changing. Go for loyalty, maturity and faithfulness. It stays long.
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Probably the important key to success is honesty and loyalty.
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Situations may put you in tough times, but keeping up your loyalty can make you reach heights.
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The first step towards loyalty is self-trust.
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Reward loyalty with faithfulness and disloyalty with extent.
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Loyalty of parents are generally carried forward by their children’s, although there are exceptions.
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Loyalty is a choice which depends solely on the person and can’t be influenced by any means.
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Loyalty is shown by some people for all time, all people for some time and not by all people for all time.
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Loyalty is must to be attracted if the service is of no match, in all respect.
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Loyalty is rewarded by cash or kind or in the form of fame, much after we cease to leave.
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Loyalty is losing its importance as now-a-days people do not accept gratitude.
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Loyal workers are the pillars of an organization.
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Loyalty still prevails among some people for which the organizations are still performing.
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Loyal and Royal are both rare nowadays, neither we find royal people and nor loyal servants.
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Loyalty is shown by people who are grateful, which is lacking in today’s generation.
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Loyal persons shows the loyalty, whenever they get the opportunity to do so.
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Loyalty is generally shown by a gentleman.
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