Loyalty Quotes - Loyalty means the world to a lot of people. And some people, it has not even touched.  From calling a stranger to check in on, holding an elderly’s hands while crossing the busy road, covering for your colleague’s absence to turning up at your neighbor’s at midnight; loyalty drives our humanity to the edge. Our dedication and love for a person, cause, philosophy, belief, thing, etc. are what we simply call loyalty. .


Loyalty is the very basis of human nature. It is what makes us human and makes us respectable and lovable among our fellow human beings. And it’s the same quality about others that encourages our hearts to trust and love them. In other words, life is all about how loyal we are.


Today you will come across the finest loyalty quotes.

Loyalty Quotes

Everybody deserves loyalty everybody owes loyalty it’s just a field of acceptance some and accept it some not
Loyalty Quotes 115
Law of conservation of conversation is applicable everywhere because if somewhere conversation decreases it automatically increases somewhere else.
Loyalty Quotes 114
Addiction is not what I have for you I have everything to do with you be it my love my peace my life
Loyalty Quotes 113
The day you no longer talk like before is the day you have found someone more
Loyalty Quotes 112
1000 different people 1000 different qualities so find a person who’s got true feelings don’t go for money looks etc.
Loyalty Quotes 111
A person who’s hurted yet he has forgiven you everytime deserves to be loved deserves to be cared for deserves loyalty.
Loyalty Quotes 110
Pure love do not ask for attention, it always asks for loyalty. Girl wherever you are don’t talk to me for days I don’t care but don’t love anyone else otherwise I’ll kill you
Loyalty Quotes 109
An incomparable feeling comes when your man takes your hand , introduces to the world and promise you an eternity of togetherness.
Loyalty Quotes 108
It’s necessary to be like the person you want to be with.
Loyalty Quotes 107
I’ve lost you many times but yet I still crave for you because no one can replace the feeling you give me ,I can never give up on you remember that.
Loyalty Quotes 106
Everybody has a purpose in life and my purpose is to be with you till death
Loyalty Quotes 105
Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold to when the storm comes the first person that comes into your mind while reading this is the one whom you are loyal to
Loyalty Quotes 104
When you’re wasted when you cry when you’re weak I’ll be the one to keep you alive.
Loyalty Quotes 103
I’m gonna teach my children how important that is to find a good person with whom commitment is possible because that is something missing in today’s kids
Loyalty Quotes 102
Once in a lifetime we meet a person who is devoted to You ,who can leave every other thing for you never leave that one.
Loyalty Quotes 101
Always be grateful to the one who never left you even in your darkest hours that’s it, you owe loyalty towards him.
Loyalty Quotes 100
Find someone who thinks you’re the only one
Loyalty Quotes 99
Just remember, when you shower loyalty towards the world, it comes back to you in the most beautiful ways possible.
Loyalty Quotes 98
It takes an eternity to realize that one can be enough.
Loyalty Quotes 97
Thank God who gave you the power to love not many people but a single person in several ways.
Loyalty Quotes 96
In this era of switching partners be the person that stick to one .
Loyalty Quotes 95
Nothing can change my feelings for you even if you hurt me,leave me I ain’t gonna go somewhere else that’s the power of love.
Loyalty Quotes 94
Loyalty is indeed royalty if you waste it you can be wasted yourself.
Loyalty Quotes 93
There are many things that a man seek in a relationship but trust, loyalty is something just god gifted it is not forced.
Loyalty Quotes 92
Only way to find a loyal partner is to be one.
Loyalty Quotes 91
I love the way you teach me that I’m worth loving I love the way you are loyal to me
Loyalty Quotes 90
A real partner knows that one person is enough to live a lifetime with.
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