Medical-Quotes - Health isn't just wealth, it is a luxury. 

Medical science is astounding when it comes to miraculous treatments for diseases which are terminal or which carry a very poor prognosis. Medical science is the supporting backbone of proper palliative care. It is a crutch for those who need it to successfully walk through life even with disabilities or injuries.It proves it's worth by consistently revising its structure and keeping it's dynamic as relevant as possible to the current times. It constantly gets updated through newer studies, surveys and trials. Drugs with lesser side effects and greater effectiveness are available now. Health has now become a commodity which is now available to the masses like never before because of several governmental schemes, social media awareness, campaigns and relentless scientific research. Medical science is the lighthouse which prevents shipwrecks that can be caused due to our modern lifestyle. With the rise of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension or obesity, 

Medical science is progressively becoming more inclusive and this democratic approach doesn't just ensure the health and well-being of the masses but also a sense of fulfillment and wholeness among-st them. 

Here are few Medical Quotes

Medical Quotes

Advances in medicines have saved more lives than have been lost in all wars.
Medical Quotes 45
The daily medicine your intake is music.
Medical Quotes 44
Medicine is such a probability that sometimes it snatches away health, sometimes gives it
Medical Quotes 43
It is the science which heals doubts as well as diseases.
Medical Quotes 42
It is the marriage between uncertainty and probability.
Medical Quotes 41
Best medicine in the world can be patience and walking.
Medical Quotes 40
Medicine is the combination of science and creativity.
Medical Quotes 39
Medicines will cure the disease but doctors give strength to fight it.
Medical Quotes 38
Medicine is the only field which will live as long as any living being on this planet.
Medical Quotes 37
You cannot imagine a future without the application of medicines.
Medical Quotes 36
Only doctors can put a smile on the faces of the suffering humanity.
Medical Quotes 35
It is the sacrifice of what you want to avoid becoming the sacrifice.
Medical Quotes 34
It will live up to the history of mankind.
Medical Quotes 33
The best service to the humanity is none other than medical.
Medical Quotes 32
The only course which can save someone’s life tomorrow is medicine.
Medical Quotes 31
Medical science has given us more treatments through drugs and very little towards the in-built repair system or thought.
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Rise in medical patients is due to lack of peace and faith on almighty.
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Medical treatment of the mind is required first than body.
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Medical treatment needs faith to get faster results.
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Medical treatment from practitioner is usually taken after failure of personal or local treatment.
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Medical achievements are blessing to human civilization.
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Medical profession is like a devoted servant, serving humanity.
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Medical profession is a science, where success depends on the art of practice.
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Study of medical profession gives knowledge but practice of the same gives expertize.
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Medical profession is a noble profession but very few practice with the same motive.
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Medical advice of medical practitioner are seldom followed in totality.
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Medical advice is freely available from non-medical practitioner.
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