Medical-Quotes - Health isn't just wealth, it is a luxury. 

Medical science is astounding when it comes to miraculous treatments for diseases which are terminal or which carry a very poor prognosis. Medical science is the supporting backbone of proper palliative care. It is a crutch for those who need it to successfully walk through life even with disabilities or injuries.It proves it's worth by consistently revising its structure and keeping it's dynamic as relevant as possible to the current times. It constantly gets updated through newer studies, surveys and trials. Drugs with lesser side effects and greater effectiveness are available now. Health has now become a commodity which is now available to the masses like never before because of several governmental schemes, social media awareness, campaigns and relentless scientific research. Medical science is the lighthouse which prevents shipwrecks that can be caused due to our modern lifestyle. With the rise of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension or obesity, 

Medical science is progressively becoming more inclusive and this democratic approach doesn't just ensure the health and well-being of the masses but also a sense of fulfillment and wholeness among-st them. 

Here are few Medical Quotes

Medical Quotes

Patients have most trust on doctors.
Medical Quotes 90
Medical brings you towards the good position.
Medical Quotes 89
A patient feels himself safe while presence of doctors.
Medical Quotes 88
Medical is a lovely hope, brings happiness in someone's life.
Medical Quotes 87
Mother is our first doctor, she take care of us more than anything else.
Medical Quotes 86
We get strength to fight with disease from doctor.
Medical Quotes 85
A good doctor always advise to take less medicine and more care.
Medical Quotes 84
Medical is the name of that place where man come with problems but goes back with smile.
Medical Quotes 83
Whenever I fell ill my angel comes with stethoscope.
Medical Quotes 82
A student of medical becomes a hope for someone in future.
Medical Quotes 81
Doctor is the only man in the world which is seen by hopeful sight.
Medical Quotes 80
A white coat is a hope to the patients.
Medical Quotes 79
An ill body makes the mind ill of a man as well.
Medical Quotes 78
A broken heart can't heal by medical but it's healed by love.
Medical Quotes 77
No medicine is as powerful as the love of mother.
Medical Quotes 76
During diseases the only medical can make you feel that life is gorgeous.
Medical Quotes 75
Medical is literally the most kind field in the world.
Medical Quotes 74
The education of medical is great, a man learns to save lives.
Medical Quotes 73
Doctors are the most valuable gift to medical department.
Medical Quotes 72
Positivity is a natural medicine that keeps you happy.
Medical Quotes 71
Whenever you feel discouraged the love of a mother can heal you better than any medicine.
Medical Quotes 70
If your mind is disturbed then the beauty of dawn can cure you like medical.
Medical Quotes 69
Where the art of medical is appreciated certainly there lives humanity.
Medical Quotes 68
Medicines have ability to cure diseases but only doctors can cure the patients.
Medical Quotes 67
People can pay for medical but can't pay for kindness of a doctor.
Medical Quotes 66
Medical is for save lives not for save money.
Medical Quotes 65
Medical is the study that do today and people will thank you for it in future.
Medical Quotes 64