The season of Christmas starts from thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the day when people thank the almighty for blessings. Preparations for Christmas involve buying decorations, food items and gifts for family members and friends. The preparation begins from decorating the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is an artificial or real pine tree decorated with lights, artificial stars, toys, bells, flowers, gifts, etc.

Special foods are cooked in every house. People also tie stars on their house as a symbol of lord Jesus had born in their house to end their sufferings. People on this day visit churches at midnight  with their families and friends to celebrate the almighty birthday. It is believed that Jesus Christ, the son of God, came to the Earth on this day to end people’s sufferings. 

Santa Claus is the most loved character for kids on Christmas. Santa Claus brings gifts to children.Santa Claus enters the house through chimneys and leaves gifts to children under the Christmas tree on the eve of Christmas. Christmas is not only about celebration, cooking, decorations it is about sharing and caring, helping the needy, and thanksgiving.

Wish everyone with Merry Christmas quotes. 

Merry Christmas Quotes

May this Christmas season fill your life with bright and precious moment and brings you lots of love and joy. Wish you a Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas Quotes 65
May your Christmas be decorated with joy, your home with peace and your heart with love . Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Quotes 64
May this Christmas bring you peace, happiness and everything else you deserve.
Merry Christmas Quotes 63
We wish you a Merry Christmas . May this spirit of Christmas bring joy to your heart and to your family .
Merry Christmas Quotes 62
Bless us Lord . May this Christmas end the present year on a joy-full note and make way for peace-full New Year. Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Quotes 61
Being your present is the best present of this season. Thank you for always being such a friend. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Quotes 60
Let the spirit of love brings family and friends together. It helps us to fill homes and hearts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas Quotes 59
I wish you a sleigh-full of Christmas cheer for the coming year.
Merry Christmas Quotes 58
May this Christmas season enchant you with feelings of love and hope. I Wish You all the blessings of Christmas.
Merry Christmas Quotes 57
May the joy of and peace of Christmas be with you all through the New Year. Wish you a Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Quotes 56
Christmas is a festival that is celebrated without the barrier of religion as everyone loves the Christmas season.
Merry christmas quotes 55
Christmas has now become a trend of showing off the wealth through the decorations by forgetting the real purpose of prayers and doing charity.
Merry christmas quotes 54
I wish every housewife to have a break from their house chores at least on the Christmas holidays, as wives deserve some happiness too
Merry christmas quotes 53
Every year on Christmas day, the warmth spread by the lights hung all over my house keeps my heart in warmth until the next Christmas season.
Merry christmas quotes 52
Even though am not a Christmas person, I would love to see my whole family getting excited to set the Christmas tree
Merry christmas quotes 51
It is okay that you are not interested in Christmas celebrations but it is not okay to work even during the Christmas holidays
Merry christmas quotes 50
Christmas gives a vibe and the vibe cannot be realized by people who have trust issues with Santa, so come on let us cherish the Santa for life
Merry christmas quotes 49
On this Christmas day, let us all bury our sorrows and start sailing in the same boat of hope together.
Merry christmas quotes 48
I love the days of Christmas, as it is the only day my mother never complains about our messy living room
Merry christmas quotes 47
Since my childhood, I received many toy gifts from Santa but none of them have batteries inside, so this year I requested Santa to bring me a dozen of batteries.
Merry christmas quotes 46
If you trust in Santa, your life will have more funs, have a fun-filled joyous Christmas.
Merry christmas quotes 45
Christmas is the day of charity, let us make this Christmas joyous for all the people by doing some charity.
Merry christmas quotes 44
If you are alive to celebrate another Christmas, then God has given an another chance for you to make your life betrter.
Merry christmas quotes 43
Christmas is not only for receiving presents but also for giving them back to the near and dear ones and also sharing something with poor needy people
Merry christmas quotes 42
The season of Christmas brings all lovable hearts together to celebrate all at one place, may this Christmas be better than that of the last one.
Merry christmas quotes 41
In this auspicious day let us share more of love than gifts, let us bless more and remove hates from our hearts.
Merry christmas quotes 40
I promise to honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.
Merry christmas quotes 39