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miss you quotes

Missing someone is like an empty feeling even when we are around many people. Waiting for that one person to fill the space.

We miss someone not only when they are far away, we will miss when they are away from us soulfully too. 

“Even if I spent the whole day with you, I will miss you the second you leave.”

When will we miss someone?

We feel happy when we stay with someone who makes us feel special.

We love to spend most of our time with the person and create a lot of memories. Suddenly when that person moves to some far away place, we will start to miss that person. 

Feel of missing occupies us if the person we love the most leaves the earth too.

Their death gives us a feeling of shock and makes us feel incomplete throughout the life.

At times even when the person stays with us and not talking good to us or ignoring, that gives us a feeling of missing. 

“I miss our conversations. I miss how we used to talk every minute of every day and how I was able to tell you everything on my mind.”

Expressing the feeling of missing:

When someone comes in our dream, it means that the person is missing us. How happy it is to hear?

Everyone of us are eagerly waiting to hear miss you from our lovable ones. 

So we should always express the feeling of missing in a relationship.

Whether it is long distance relationship or not, we have to tell our loved one that we are missing the pleasant time we had with them. 

Missing is not only comes in love, we may miss our kids, our parents, friends or anyone whom we need the most.

Express it to the person and making them to stay with us makes our life beautiful.

“If I could plant a flower for every time I miss you, I could walk through my garden forever.”

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Overcoming the feeling of missing:

Often the feeling of missing, makes us sick and immobile.

It’s not good for our mental and physical health to stay with that feeling always.

We should try to bring our closed ones near us or should stay strong until time pulls them to us.

Do lots of meditation and come out of stress. Making us into a better person will help us to bring our loved ones to come back to us.

If we miss our better half, remember always that distance could make the relationship stronger. Time heals things. Stay calm and live a better life.

“Missing someone can hurt. But when you know they are yours forever, negativity it helps avert” - Trishna Damodar

I Miss You Quotes

I miss the way you respond to my commands that’s the special thing to keep in touch
I Miss You Quotes 120
Remembering you is difficult because you’re in heaven we can’t get back, Miss you
I Miss You Quotes 119
My silence doesn’t mean I’m quiet but it means I miss you I can’t speak a word
I Miss You Quotes 118
Even many people around me, I never feel complete without you, I miss you
I Miss You Quotes 117
At the night of silence, at the shine of moon in the empty room, I miss you
I Miss You Quotes 116
Don’t care too much many doesn’t even think of you, they never miss you
I Miss You Quotes 115
Never focus on problem, focus on laugh, love and confidence
I Miss You Quotes 114
Sometimes missing someone looks there’s no one beside only their thoughts
I Miss You Quotes 113
Sometimes my only work is to find you where you are, how the life could without you
I Miss You Quotes 112
Somebody nurture strong footprint in our hearts, those one’s are always special, missed everyday
I Miss You Quotes 111
Love you to the moon and back, you’re my sweet heart come soon, I’m waiting
I Miss You Quotes 110
Wanna relive every moment of my life, missing those moments
I Miss You Quotes 109
I miss how close we’re, how adjustable we’re and I need those days back
I Miss You Quotes 108
I miss your smile, your kiss, your conversation and the days we spent
I Miss You Quotes 107
Never underestimate the power of love, it can make to fall on person and keep memories alive
I Miss You Quotes 106
I miss my golden memories which is irreplaceable and unforgettable of my life
I Miss You Quotes 105
Missing someone is a part of loving them, how much you miss that’s the worth your love is
I Miss You Quotes 104
When I’m OK with the thoughts, I found you in my mind, I miss you
I Miss You Quotes 103
So many times I’m trying to forget you but I can’t, I again fallen in love
I Miss You Quotes 102
Memories of you are always precious, even you’ve gone you’ll be missed everyday
I Miss You Quotes 101
I don’t know what’s going on in my life whenever I feel happy I think of you.
I Miss You Quotes 100
Missing you is a proof that how much I love you and care for you
I Miss You Quotes 99
Missing you is my only thing in a day, Miss you every second
I Miss You Quotes 98
I miss you everyday, come back if possible it’s too early you’ve gone
I Miss You Quotes 97
I never say in words how much I miss you, I can’t imagine how my life will be without you
I Miss You Quotes 96
I miss you so, because you are only one who know but I want to now
I Miss You Quotes 76
Your voice is my favorite ringtone in all my downloaded.
I Miss You Quotes 95