Monday Quotes - Mondays are a new start to the week. After an easing weekend, everyone drives into a new day. It might be hard to start the day, but it's time to draft the week as a phenomenal and productive one. You feel loafing and exhausted to get out of bed. But there is always a reason to get up to break the Shackles in your way. Monday is the first day of your week, After a relaxing weekend, people usually feel displeased to start the week. But, remember the fact that these are the start of your evolution. All these small changes will play a vital role in your success. Productively starting the morning will make the day beautiful.


Therefore Make your Mondays as uplifting ones. Make your loved ones' day with kind and wise words to pursue their purpose. Something best awaits you each day. All you need is to understand yourself and do the best for it and here are some Monday quotes to make it count.

Monday Quotes

Mondays can be enjoyable too. All you need is to be motivated and like your work.
Monday Quotes 90
Don’t avoid mondays, it starts the hustle of getting bread and butter for life.
Monday Quotes 89
Love your job. It will eventually make you like Mondays more than Sundays.
Monday Quotes 88
Best things come to those who don’t hesitate to work, even on monday.
Monday Quotes 87
Enjoy on Sunday, start on Monday, keep going till Saturday. Repeat.
Monday Quotes 86
Success doesn’t come free. It demands you to get up and work with motivation and without laziness.
Monday Quotes 85
People want to enjoy sunday, but avoid hard work on mondays. Both don’t go hand in hand
Monday Quotes 84
Make Monday your best friend, because just like a best friend, monday motivates you to keep going in life.
Monday Quotes 83
Holidays are an escape from reality. Sometimes its good to have but not always. Monday is your reality. Accept it.
Monday Quotes 82
Mondays bring objectivity to life. A purpose, you are working upon.
Monday Quotes 81
People who like to work, love mondays and hate sundays.
Monday Quotes 80
Monday is your reminder for the start of the hustle.
Monday Quotes 79
Hard work is what gives life meaning. It starts on first day itself I.E monday. Don’t run away from it.
Monday Quotes 78
Good things come to those who have the persistence to keep working, starting monday.
Monday Quotes 77
It isn't hard to wake up on monday, all you need is some motivation and persistence.
Monday Quotes 76
The day you wake up fresh and motivated on monday, you have officially lost the laziness for the day.
Monday Quotes 75
Mondays can either lead to the best week or ruin the week, if or if not worked properly, respectively.
Monday Quotes 74
Don’t run away from mondays. You can’t run away from hard work to achieve success.
Monday Quotes 73
Set some daily objectives in life. Then, mondays won’t get boring.
Monday Quotes 72
Every week has its goals. You start it fresh on Mondays.
Monday Quotes 71
Monday is your reminder that enjoyment doesn’t exist forever. Hard work always comes up.
Monday Quotes 70
Time is limited for everybody. So, work hard, starting monday, to fulfill your purpose in life.
Monday Quotes 69
Working on mondays isn’t the issue. The issue is with you avoiding responsibility to work.
Monday Quotes 68
Monday is hateful because you get lazy to work. Find your purpose and stick to it, don’t get lazy.
Monday Quotes 67
Enjoy what you do for a living. It will make you hate mondays no more.
Monday Quotes 66
Monday starts a week and is followed by the same hustle. Start well, to keep the hustle going on.
Monday Quotes 65
Every day has its purpose. Enjoy your Sundays fully, but also work properly starting Monday.
Monday Quotes 64