Monday Quotes - Mondays are a new start to the week. After an easing weekend, everyone drives into a new day. It might be hard to start the day, but it's time to draft the week as a phenomenal and productive one. You feel loafing and exhausted to get out of bed. But there is always a reason to get up to break the Shackles in your way. Monday is the first day of your week, After a relaxing weekend, people usually feel displeased to start the week. But, remember the fact that these are the start of your evolution. All these small changes will play a vital role in your success. Productively starting the morning will make the day beautiful.


Therefore Make your Mondays as uplifting ones. Make your loved ones' day with kind and wise words to pursue their purpose. Something best awaits you each day. All you need is to understand yourself and do the best for it and here are some Monday quotes to make it count.

Monday Quotes