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Money comes to those who knows the power of hard work and patience, Does it make a sense
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We earn only because of our needs, We earn a lot to fulfill our dreams.
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The best way to earn money is to know when it can happen, and it depends upon you.
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Today the ascent of money is at the top, So try harder towards your dreams and don’t stop.
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Borrowing will only lead you to beg for money, And the people who believe in themselves don’t beg at all.
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Fortune will come to those who knows the value of money, because money stays within the good hands.
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If money has knocked on your door, then take that and make it double.
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Debts will only burden you with tension, Believe in hard work and do the expansion.
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Even the little expenses should be focused because sometimes only a small hole can let the boat sink.
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They may forget you, but a person who pays his bills is the person who lives forever.
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Money is a servant which will work on its masters demand, and the master is you.
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Money can’t buy you the life but it can surely create a life you want.
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We need money to live and not live for money.
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Utilization of money gives happiness or sorrow. Choice is ours.
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Money is unstable in nature, so learn to hold on the same.
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We should have the knowledge to utilize money else money will utilize us.
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Money helps to gather good time friends, who fades on lack of the same.
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Money has the power which people respect nowadays.
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Money is only a medium of exchange and can’t be eaten.
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Money can buy comfort and not peace.
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Think of money and money moves away from you.
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Focus on your work, money follows you.
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To earn money we will spend all our life, at the end when we have lots of money it will be used for our funeral. That is life.
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Money can buy every luxurious things but remember happiness comes always from within
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Always earn money for your dignity and self respect but not for the sake of slavery.
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never spend a lot of money you have at a time because your needs a lot can loss you at a time.
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"Money is everything , without money we can't get any respect , this world is fake sometimes. Money is everything in this cruel world , earn it "
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