The Moon is the sole natural satellite of the Earth. It is the Solar System's largest natural satellite in terms of the size of its planet, the fifth largest satellite overall, and larger than any known dwarf planet. With a total mass of less than 10 tonnes, the Moon has a fragile atmosphere that is virtually vacuum. It has about a sixth of Earth's surface gravity (0.1654 g). This little mass has a surface pressure of roughly 3 1015 atm, which changes according on the lunar day. The distance between the Moon and Earth ranges between 356,400 kilometres and 406,700 km. As the commander of the American mission Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon, doing so  on July 21, 1969.

The Moon has a solid, iron-rich central chamber and a fluid, liquid-iron-based outer layer. A partially molten barrier layer protects the core.

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Moon Quotes

I always end up by telling my story to the moon
moon quotes 120
No one can justify the relationship between me and moon because no one ever saw me the way moon does
moon quotes 119
It's all our choice to either stay gloomy or shine bright like moon
moon quotes 118
Sometimes i just want to sleep under the roof of starts and moon
moon quotes 117
She broke me and made me realize that the only one i got is moon
moon quotes 116
When no one was there for me i got a friend named moon
moon quotes 115
sometimes i trust moon more than people because i know it won't turn his back on me
moon quotes 114
I was so sure that she was my moon but for her i was just a star and left me in gloom
moon quotes 113
Ignore the darkness and see the beauty of moon because soon there will be no darkness no moon
moon quotes 112
Situations make some people so cold like moon that even fire couldn't burn it
moon quotes 111
Everyone have a different nature just like moon have different phases
moon quotes 110
I get motivated by watching moon even after being alone
moon quotes 109
I wish that someone make me feel as important as moon in our lives
moon quotes 108
People compare each other but do they forgot we are under the same moon
moon quotes 107
don't compare yourself to others just shine like moon let others be the stars
moon quotes 106
We should never feel alone even after knowing that moon knows all our story
moon quotes 105
People are like stars they come and go i want someone to stay with me like moon
moon quotes 104
No one is perfect even the moon have a dark side
moon quotes 103
Sometimes all i want to do is sit and talk to moon about this cruel world
moon quotes 102
I wish someone comes in my life and brightens it as moon
moon quotes 101
People talk to moon about the pain no one can assume
moon quotes 100
I assume i was a balloon so that i could reach the moon
moon quotes 99
The time was monsoon opening of a cocoon under the light of moon
moon quotes 98
Dance to another tune under the light of moon in the time of monsoon
moon quotes 97
I want to go on a date with someone who likes to have dinner under the light of moon not in a room
moon quotes 96
Make memories with people now because soon you will be only able to see moon and it would be all gloom
moon quotes 95
Her smile was bright as moon my favorite was her tune but all i can do was to assume
moon quotes 94