The Moon is the sole natural satellite of the Earth. It is the Solar System's largest natural satellite in terms of the size of its planet, the fifth largest satellite overall, and larger than any known dwarf planet. With a total mass of less than 10 tonnes, the Moon has a fragile atmosphere that is virtually vacuum. It has about a sixth of Earth's surface gravity (0.1654 g). This little mass has a surface pressure of roughly 3 1015 atm, which changes according on the lunar day. The distance between the Moon and Earth ranges between 356,400 kilometres and 406,700 km. As the commander of the American mission Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon, doing so  on July 21, 1969.

The Moon has a solid, iron-rich central chamber and a fluid, liquid-iron-based outer layer. A partially molten barrier layer protects the core.

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Moon Quotes

Be like a moon in your life and inspire other people, even when you are far from full.
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Full moon is a good fisherman; every eye is easily caught in his net.
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I can feel the moon’s love for the earth in my soul when its magical silent silvery light touches my heart.
moon quotes 44
The wisdom of the Moon is greater than the wisdom of the Earth because the Moon sees the universe better than the Earth.
moon quotes 43
The love between sun and the moon is so deep that the moon died every morning just to let him breathe.
moon quotes 41
Be like the moon in someone’s sky, to her the way of life with your loving silvery lights during the darkness.
moon quotes 40
The moon was reigning over their world, glowing its full splendor to all those willing to look up.
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The moon is whole all the time, but we can’t always see it, as it is hiding itself from everyone.
moon quotes 38
Never swear by the moon to anyone, for the ever-changing nature which is constant to its life.
moon quotes 37
Moon is a loyal companion of humans because it’s always there, watching, knowing us in light and dark moments but never leaves.
moon quotes 36
Everyone is like a moon in their life, and has a dark side which they never show to anybody.
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And the moon said to me that in order to shine in my life you do not have to be whole always.
moon quotes 34
You’re just like the moon, so full of imperfections but you shine without showing them in time of darkness.
moon quotes 33
She’s like a moon, because like herself, it shined its brightest when no one was around to see.
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We may go to the moon, but that’s not very far, the greatest distance we have to cover still lies within us.
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Every day at sunset I wait to welcome the moon.
Moon Quotes 30
You don't need to fetch the moon to make me happy. Just your time and company is enough for me.
Moon Quotes 29
The moon connects us to our ancestors as they also watched the same moon as we are watching.
Moon Quotes 28
My toughness is like the clouds in the sky. It hides my emotions just like the clouds hide the moon.
Moon Quotes 27
Your heart needs to be clear to feel the love just like the sky needs to be clear to see the moon.
Moon Quotes 26
My life would remain incomplete if I don't travel to the moon once in my lifetime.
Moon Quotes 25
The love story of the sun and the moon is sacred. He disappears every night to make room for her to shine by helping her with his own light.
Moon Quotes 24
I want to emulate the moon. I want to spread light in darkness.
Moon Quotes 23
The moon is the symbol of purity and gentleness which is why she is white in colour.
Moon Quotes 22
It is better to be friends with the moon than humans. She will never leave us. She is reliable and trustworthy.
Moon Quotes 21
The moon is our constant companion at night, always watching us from above.
Moon Quotes 20
Learn from the moon. She never seeks attention, yet grabs our attention.
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