Movies are the biggest medium to unite the people of different countries and states.  Movies can fill the empty space of your life and loneliness. It refreshes our memories and makes us think about the future , makes us think about contemporary politics and teaches us to overcome failure and surprisingly movies are the one of the reasons to start our new life.

Movies are the state of mind on the part of the film maker. Not a single person can make a movie. It requires a lot of technicians' effort and actors' effort and the laborers' effort to arrange the location. But the success of movie depends not only this apart from that some movies will stay in your heart forever because at some point we could connect our childhood memories with that film.All the movies is an experience 

Movies are the greatest mirror of humanity's struggle .You can see this alternative world in the screen either on a mobile screen or a theater screen but you are the part of it. This is Cinema. so here are some movies quotes -

Movies Quotes