Movies are the biggest medium to unite the people of different countries and states.  Movies can fill the empty space of your life and loneliness. It refreshes our memories and makes us think about the future , makes us think about contemporary politics and teaches us to overcome failure and surprisingly movies are the one of the reasons to start our new life.

Movies are the state of mind on the part of the film maker. Not a single person can make a movie. It requires a lot of technicians' effort and actors' effort and the laborers' effort to arrange the location. But the success of movie depends not only this apart from that some movies will stay in your heart forever because at some point we could connect our childhood memories with that film.All the movies is an experience 

Movies are the greatest mirror of humanity's struggle .You can see this alternative world in the screen either on a mobile screen or a theater screen but you are the part of it. This is Cinema. so here are some movies quotes -

Movies Quotes

Great movies are so immersive that we don't want them to end.
Movies Quotes 60
Actors recreate the stories of common people on screen with lots of glamour and style
Movies Quotes 59
A lot of hard work goes into making a movie. We should watch it to respect that hard work.
Movies Quotes 58
If you cannot find any source to learn from, turn to movies.
Movies Quotes 57
There are many stories in our history that needs to be retold. That’s why historic genre films are priceless.
Movies Quotes 56
Store your art and creativity in the form of a movie so that it can never be stolen away.
Movies Quotes 55
Every movie has its own beauty, be it a hit or a flop.
Movies Quotes 54
Movies are made of the people by the actors for the audience.
Movies Quotes 53
The love and appreciation of the audience is a greater satisfaction for a movie maker than an award.
Movies Quotes 52
It is not the budget or the language that defines a movie. It is the story that does.
Movies Quotes 51
Movies does not change us. They just inspire us to change.
Movies Quotes 50
The movie genre that one prefers tells a lot about his personality.
Movies Quotes 49
Actors are the lucky ones who get to live many lives in a single lifetime.
Movies Quotes 48
Movies narrate a story and the actors are the medium through which it is narrated.
Movies Quotes 47
Movies are a thing that would never become outdated.
Movies Quotes 46
Good movies give such a real-life experience to the audience that they forget they are watching a movie.
Movies Quotes 45
A movie date is best for a mood change.
Movies Quotes 44
Every movie carries a message. Sometimes we find it, sometimes we miss it.
Movies Quotes 43
The main purpose of movies has always been to entertain the audience.
Movies Quotes 42
The best way to learn film-making is by watching films.
Movies Quotes 41
People often befriends the characters of a movie in order to escape from their loneliness.
Movies Quotes 39
People often befriends the characters of a movie in order to escape from their loneliness.
Movies Quotes 39
Movie makers do have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as what they show in their movies can influence the masses.
Movies Quotes 40
When we watch a movie, we always expect to see something out of the ordinary.
Movies Quotes 38
Movies make us feel every kind of emotion that we don't feel in real life.
Movies Quotes 37
The beauty of movies is that for a span of two to three hours we get to experience a life that is different from our own.
Movies Quotes 36
It is always the audience who determine the fate of a movie.
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