‘Moving Forward Quotes’ - Moving Forward is not an easy job at all. It’s one of the difficult things that we humans struggle with. Sometimes being in the present and thinking for the future is so overwhelming that we are reduced to tears but life never once slows down. It seems almost unfair for life to keep moving forward, not once looking back to check if we are okay. It might occur to us that life is leaving us behind but what we miss out is that it is constantly telling us to keep moving forward and be strong for the future.


Life is a great gift to us. But this gift can only make us happy if we keep moving forward. If we could travel back in time, which so far is not possible, it would have been worthwhile to cling to the past as then we would have the possibility to change the past. But, since we cannot, it is only fair and logical to look ahead and hit the road.


Some of moving forward quotes to move into a better life

Moving Forward Quotes

Life is what you create out of yourself by moving forward constantly and never getting tired.
Moving Forward Quotes 85
Don’t wait for someone to help you clear the hurdles of life and take you forward. You're the one who has to make a move.
Moving Forward Quotes 84
Consequences are present in everyone’s life, so have the strength to fight them and move ahead.
Moving Forward Quotes 83
Move fast, move forward, don’t let your goal get lost in fog.
Moving Forward Quotes 82
Forget and move forward. Life always gives you the choice to live in regret or to complete what you started.
Moving Forward Quotes 81
Ignore and keep moving, correcting other’s wrong never helps you in any way
Moving Forward Quotes 80
Life gives you many opportunities, so just move towards them.
Moving Forward Quotes 79
If you stop moving forward, you are automatically letting yourself fall behind.
Moving Forward Quotes 78
Keep moving the car of your life. The road shows the way itself.
Moving Forward Quotes 77
Create new beginnings and keep moving forward with time because no one bothers if you stay behind.
Moving Forward Quotes 76
Don’t stay behind someone. Taking the lead requires hard work, but the same helps you to move forward towards success.
Moving Forward Quotes 75
Let go of your past, adapt to the future, don’t look behind you and walk straight forward.
Moving Forward Quotes 74
Stop thinking about what to do when. Just start doing it because that’s the only plan that takes you forward.
Moving Forward Quotes 73
Failure is just an obstacle. Failure is strength to do it again, move forward and enjoy the pain.
Moving Forward Quotes 72
Life opens many doors for those who move forward and make an effort.
Moving Forward Quotes 71
Move forward and show your existence, or else your space will be occupied by others.
Moving Forward Quotes 70
You get the right to give suggestions only when you have moved forward and achieved something for yourself.
Moving Forward Quotes 69
You get attention when you move forward, not when you gain sympathy.
Moving Forward Quotes 68
The race of life doesn’t have any finish line, so keep moving forward, there’s no stop.
Moving Forward Quotes 67
Let people shout behind you, move forward and show the world what you're all about.
Moving Forward Quotes 66
God made your eyes forward, so with due respect, follow that.
Moving Forward Quotes 65
Don’t get pulled back by negative people; keep moving continuously so that people get tired of pulling you.
Moving Forward Quotes 64
No one in the world has the power to shut you down until you quit.
Moving Forward Quotes 63
Follow the positive rays of the sun. Don't stop, get ahead and run.
Moving Forward Quotes 62
Roads are difficult, and feet become rough; despite the discomfort, simply move forward and gain.
Moving Forward Quotes 61
Once you learn to move forward, you have learned the most important lesson of life.
Moving Forward Quotes 60
You must keep moving forward in life, just as you must keep moving forward on the road to reach your destination.
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