‘Moving Forward Quotes’ - Moving Forward is not an easy job at all. It’s one of the difficult things that we humans struggle with. Sometimes being in the present and thinking for the future is so overwhelming that we are reduced to tears but life never once slows down. It seems almost unfair for life to keep moving forward, not once looking back to check if we are okay. It might occur to us that life is leaving us behind but what we miss out is that it is constantly telling us to keep moving forward and be strong for the future.


Life is a great gift to us. But this gift can only make us happy if we keep moving forward. If we could travel back in time, which so far is not possible, it would have been worthwhile to cling to the past as then we would have the possibility to change the past. But, since we cannot, it is only fair and logical to look ahead and hit the road.


Some of moving forward quotes to move into a better life

Moving Forward Quotes

The hardest battle is to fight between moving on or holding back.
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Life is not meant only for happiness, every emotion holds a unique feeling. Discover with excitement.
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Patience and persistence is the ability to move forward.
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Moving forward with happiness will find way for things to work out.
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Life is like traffic signal. Stop where you should, be ready when you are prepared and move forward when it’s done.
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Life is about accepting the challenges along the journey. Keep moving.
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An arrow gets pulled back to be shoot. When life shows difficulties it indicates you are going to be launched at a great place.
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When things don’t happen the way you planned, think a better way of doing it. You haven’t come this far to give up.
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Life is like riding a bi-cycle. In order to move forward you must keep peddling. Standing in one place gives nothing.
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Pain makes you stronger. Thank the past for making you wiser. It’s the past that helps you for a better future.
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A storm ends in calm. A darkest night ends in sunrise. Sadness ends in smile. A failure ends in success.
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Life is adventure only for the risk takers. You either step backward into safety or move forward towards growth.
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Your start never determines your finish. A difficult start will fetch you deserving results.
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Accept the reality of what stays presently, forget what was gone and focus on what you want next.
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First step towards moving on is to decide you are not going to stay where you are.
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Have less emotions, control the mind over it, create new hobbies, be straight forward, keep moving on
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Be mindful a positive person, a huge thinker, creator, save moments and memories, let things to fall down, move on
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Won’t bother on appearance, many have tongues to say , avoid them, love your body, move forward
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Stubborn, naughty a bad attitude, move on from the bad habits, to live in Harmony
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Think about better future than the bitter past, present a beautiful present ever imagine move forward
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Keep moving choose right path, wrong a bad decision, change thoughts, change life to new
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Keep up, keep pushing forward to do something awesome, have gratitude wins a life
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Forgive & forget, accept others, no way to live happy than a forgiveness, move on
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Move, move, no worries, no disappointments, no issues, no stress, no hurdles, be happy move forward
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Life is difficult let the things happen on you, you a more stronger than before, face bad too
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Never stress on things, whatever it happens, happens, hope for good, move forward
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Have courage to getup move forward never settle in failure try different mistakes not the same
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