‘Moving Forward Quotes’ - Moving Forward is not an easy job at all. It’s one of the difficult things that we humans struggle with. Sometimes being in the present and thinking for the future is so overwhelming that we are reduced to tears but life never once slows down. It seems almost unfair for life to keep moving forward, not once looking back to check if we are okay. It might occur to us that life is leaving us behind but what we miss out is that it is constantly telling us to keep moving forward and be strong for the future.


Life is a great gift to us. But this gift can only make us happy if we keep moving forward. If we could travel back in time, which so far is not possible, it would have been worthwhile to cling to the past as then we would have the possibility to change the past. But, since we cannot, it is only fair and logical to look ahead and hit the road.


Some of moving forward quotes to move into a better life

Moving Forward Quotes