Nurse Quotes - Nurses are the angels on earth. Without hesitation, you can say that Nurses are the key figures of the medical system. Moreover, they are having a significant contribution to the world. Nurses spend more time connecting and interacting with the patients to understand their needs. A nurse lends a hand to managing a patient's needs and treating health conditions. They observe and record any relevant information to aid in the treatment. Beyond the physical assistance, their mental presence also has an important role in patients' fast recovery. 

Briefly, More than being a doctor's assistant, Nurses are superheroes of people. Nurses are unique. They have a vital role in emotional as well as physical healing. It's a blessing to live as a nurse Because they have a true purpose in life.

Here are the Nurse quotes to the warriors who were doing the things without slowing up for the sake of their patients. Let's take some time to say our gratitude and give the nurses of the world around applause.

Nurse Quotes

Nurses may get hurt but they never intend to hurt their patients and nurses may get tired but they never withdraw their duties.
Nurse quotes 90
My profession as a nurse stressed me like I need to quit the job until I saw a little girl show her gratitude to me with a bunch of roses.
Nurse quotes 89
Health care without a nurse is like a house without pillars, not beneficial for anyone.
Nurse quotes 88
I love it when someone calls me a sister instead of calling me a nurse, as a nurse is our occupational name and not our name to be called
Nurse quotes 87
As a nurse, am not ready to take any excuses about my duty and I would prefer to sacrifice my own life for the sake of my patients.
Nurse quotes 86
Apart from family, the one person who cares you like a family is the staff nurse who is willing to serve for everyone with no regrets
Nurse quotes 85
I still remember the nurse who dressed my wound at the age of six and I still miss her care and love that made me forget my pain.
Nurse quotes 84
If you are bold enough to treat a patient worse at his suffering, then you are the worst nurse in the world and you will be cursed by God.
Nurse quotes 83
To be great nurses we are trained to handle and tolerate any kind of patient and proof our level of patience with them.
Nurse quotes 82
We are not loving our job but we are loving our patients and showing them kindness and calling ourselves nurses.
Nurse quotes 81
Our life as nurses is not so easy, every day starts like a storm and there will be patients who need foremost care, but at the end of the day, we are happy as nurses.
Nurse quotes 80
Serving for others and getting cursed in the back is the one named as nurses, so kindly respect nurses and their services.
Nurse quotes 79
Do not expect nurses to be kind to you as long as you are not ready to behave well mannered to them.
Nurse quotes 78
Doctors heal the patient's sickness and the nurses heal the worry and the stress of the patients and make them feel contented.
Nurse quotes 77
Nurses should be compared to mothers who care for their children without any expectation and the same nurses do to their patients
Nurse quotes 76
Good treatment is her power, she can make your ill body stand up again as strong as a tower.
Nurse Quotes 75
A nurse never gives up and does everything that she can, she gives her best to save lives of every man and woman.
Nurse Quotes 74
Nurses treats us and send us back to our families to live together, their respect will stay within us forever.
Nurse Quotes 73
Nurses live in every patient’s heart, they don’t let any of their patients fall apart.
Nurse Quotes 72
Patients feel very thankful to the nurse that made their lives cheerful
Nurse Quotes 71
A nurse is very punctual of time, she never takes rest until all her patients are fine
Nurse Quotes 70
Patients for a nurse are very dear, she treats them all and takes out their fear.
Nurse Quotes 69
A nurse gives you another chance by rebirth, she says you have a long life to live on this earth.
Nurse Quotes 68
A nurse always stands by her patients on their side, every patient is equal to her and her care never divides.
Nurse Quotes 67
A nurse can bring you back on earth from hell or heaven, she saves you making your life even.
Nurse Quotes 66
Nurses never give up on their patients being strong and tough, they make their patient’s lives full of happiness that was before rough.
Nurse Quotes 65
If patients are under a nurse don’t worry they are protected, from the patient’s betterment the hard work of a nurse is reflected
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