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Being a parent one must be a guide As well as a friend to a kid is not a just parent
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Parenting is to be learned and nurturing the child not to be in fear of handling
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Parenting is to be learned and nurturing the child not to be in fear of handling
Parenting Quotes 118
Real parenting makes matters when You teach the kid to care for And treat everyone the same
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The arms of his mother are the safest place on Earth for a child.
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Seeing your child grow up is the most overwhelming feeling in the world.
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Becoming a parent teaches you to love selflessly, act responsibly and grow constantly.
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There are two life-changing events in a person's life - first is marriage and second is parenthood.
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The love and care of both the parents are required for the holistic growth of a child.
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Discipline develops in childhood and it is the parent who makes the child disciplined.
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A child sees through the eyes of his parents. So, it is important for the parents to see the right things.
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The first step towards becoming a good human being is by lovingour parents.
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Our parents understand everything about us because they understand us. It is difficult to hide anything from them.
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Parents cannot teach their children everything, but they can surely teach them how to lead their life.
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Parenting has changed over generations. Before parents were the teachers and guides, now they are the friends and confidante of their children.
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There are no parameters to become a good parent. All you need is to be good to your children.
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It is the duty of every parent to make sure that their child gets a good education.
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The true guide we have in our life is our parents who never mislead us.
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No matter how old we are, we are always a child to our parents.
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Parenting tips from other parents are not really useful because every child is different and every child should be handled differently.
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The best parents are the ones who never differentiate between their children, be it a boy or a girl.
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You will not understand the feelings of your parents until you become a parent.
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A child understands the meaning of God by looking at their parents.
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The best thing about our parents is that they don't judge us before loving us.
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The children can never repay the debts of their parents. The least they could do is take good care of them.
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Our children are our dreams. We try to bring them up the way we are or the way we wanted to be ourselves.
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There is no bond stronger in the world than the bond of a mother with her child.
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