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Motherhood is a thankless job. You will not receive any rewards for it. All you will get is satisfaction and fulfilment.
Parenting Quotes 93
Children are the gifts of God. If you neglect them, God will neglect you.
Parenting Quotes 92
A mother plays a pivotal role in shaping a child's personality.
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What a mother teaches her child in his childhood stays with him for the rest of his life.
Parenting Quotes 90
The best gift a mother can give her child is her love and affection.
Parenting Quotes 89
Children have very small demands. All they need to be happy is the love of their parents and some time to play with them.
Parenting Quotes 88
Many people are there to love you but no one can love you like your parents.
Parenting Quotes 87
When your children are unhappy with the way you treat them, then trust that you are doing the right thing for their future
Parenting quotes 86
In this modern stressful world, teach your children the importance of mental health and make them involved in yoga and meditation.
Parenting quotes 85
Stop making your children’s plans, they know what they need and what they are going to achieve in life, just encourage them.
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The way my kids depend on me irritates me often, but the way am going to miss them when they grow up and be independent will end me up sick.
Parenting quotes 83
Every child is special to their parents, so better stop talking about your child’s specialty to other parents.
Parenting quotes 82
Growing a child into an adult is easy but growing a child into a responsible citizen can be done only by a responsible parent.
Parenting quotes 81
Do not be the backbone of your children, or they will start hanging on you even for little things, so just be a supporting walking stick to them.
Parenting quotes 80
Often it is okay to leave your children at your parents' place and have some fun with your friends, as a parent you deserve some happy time too.
Parenting quotes 79
No matter how lenient you are to your children, never let them be unpunished when they behave disrespectfully to you or any other elders.
Parenting quotes 78
Be the kind of parents who laugh at their children when they fall so that they will understand that falling in life is not such a bad thing.
Parenting quotes 77
Children make mistakes but most of them are unintentional, so do not hurt them intentionally for such unintentional flaws.
Parenting quotes 76
Cuddle your children and spend enormous time with them, discuss every house stuff with them and make them feel their importance in your life.
Parenting quotes 75
In the end, your children are not going to remember what and all stuff you bought for them but they will count the number of days you laughed with them
Parenting quotes 74
You are the root of your children, so before getting committed to parental things, make your roots stronger, so that your children would grow healthy.
Parenting quotes 73
Do not buy your kids an airplane and make them always feel secure. Instead, give them wings and make them like a bird to fly happily.
Parenting quotes 72
Parenting is somewhat learning new things everyday, be the value
Parenting quotes 72
Don’t think your parents are less important in life they’re the one who gave you life
Parenting quotes 71
Nothing is beautiful than mother’s love and father’s care and sacrifice
Parenting quotes 70
Parents only happiness in this world is is to look their children successful
Parenting quotes 69
Bad parents create bad children, they destroy child’s life
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