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A good parent is the one who thinks beyond their insecurities and prioritizes their happiness.
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Your child is the reflection of what you are. It’s in you how you want the child to be.
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Try to be a friend before being a parent. It feels good for both
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When you allow the child of their choice, you will understand the depth of their strength and resourcefulness.
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best asset a parent can give their kids is few hours of their time every day.
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Good manners and behaviors aren’t taught out of lessons; it must be shown in real.
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Don’t help the child in completing the task rather guide them and make them believe in themselves
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Never force the child to shine in what you want them to become. Encouragement and support is the best thing a parent can offer a child.
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Don’t teach your child to stay away from storms. Let them enjoy it. Some storms come to clear the path.
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Parenting is an art. It is not a pattern to be followed. Each parent is unique and so is the child.
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Make your kids feel bored at times, because that’s where creativity begins.
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Before teaching your children the way of leading a perfect life teach them the proper way of treating fellow human beings.
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Parenting is hard at the same time easy. Don’t try to be a perfect parent just be the real one.
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Home is the first institute for every child where parents make their children's foundation strong.
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Parents are that personality who believe in you more than yours.
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Children are innocent, they can be molded in good form by good parenting.
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A child can realize the value of parenting when he becomes a parent of his own child.
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Parenting is not only a responsibility, it's love that comes from the heart of parents.
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Flowers don't bloom twice, birth don't get twice, you may get thousands of people but don't get the great forgive parents twice.
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Parenting from parents is the very precious gift of God.
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Children and plants have a similarity both need parenting to grow up.
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Children need the presence of parents more than need presents from parents.
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Parenting makes you stronger to face anything in life.
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Children are reason of parents smile, parenting is the happiness.
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A true parenting is to protect your child from the world's evil.
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The love of parents is the wonderful strength for children to achieve their goals.
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Parenting is a creative job that makes your child intelligent.
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