Paris, the city of lights. From the sun freckles in the lakes to restaurants with delicious food, it’s no surprise that Paris is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Let us have a look at some Paris quotes.


Paris quotes


Historically, France was the heart of art and literature. It is also famous for its rich culture and delicious food. Its culinary skills and wines are famous. How can we conclude an occasion without good food?  A trip to Paris is always a flawless choice to taste the sweet and spicy food varieties. Also, You can find a restaurant with any budget and taste.


 From the Eiffel tower, museums, churches, there are a lot of masterpieces, which are the perfect examples of the true talents of mankind. The Eiffel tower itself is symbolic of Paris. 324 meters high, the wonder of the world has nearly seven million visitors every year.


Paris, the French Capital is not just a spot that existed in maps, but a place that has been extant in the hearts of many. It is considered lucky to be in Paris because this city nourishes the soul, and it will be a reviver to live a beautiful life. In addition, the art, architecture, and history of Paris are other alluring features of Paris. So, it is the university of arts, literature, and music. Several Films had also captured the glamour and beauty of Paris.


This is The city of fashion where The big brands like Chanel, Dior, Hermes were all started and events like Paris fashion week takes place.


Paris is not just a paradise of rich art and literature, but also a city of love.  It is worth spending time together here. That's why couples always wish to visit Paris. Traditional elegance and restaurants with romantic architecture make Paris an alluring idea for the dinner plans of couples. 


Instead of beauty, the French people are also an appealing trait about Paris.These are the Paris quotes that captured the pleasant essence of Paris.

Paris Quotes

Paris is not a city or a capital of some country. It’s a feeling, a fetish, a desire.
Paris Quotes 134
All I could remember is you and me on the terrace gazing at the Eiffel tower on a moon lit night. It was the moment of my life.
Paris Quotes 133
A girl full of dreams. Studying art in Paris. For which place on earth could define art to its finest.
Paris Quotes 132
Paris reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Beauty, Style, Class and Kindness.
Paris Quotes 131
Paris is home to notable cultural attractions. Architect, Fashion, Music, Art and Entertainment. You name it. You can encounter it all here.
Paris Quotes 130
You can take a break from all this chaos and spend some time in Paris enjoying a coffee and a newspaper on an afternoon. You will never forget it.
Paris Quotes 129
Remember those vintage cars and outfits with red lips? This is what Paris feels like.
Paris Quotes 128
Autumn may signify loss and sadness, but in Paris, you don’t lose, you start to relive, you are not sad, you experience happiness of its kind.
Paris Quotes 127
The finest perfumes are from France. And for me the finest is the smell of Paris in the rain.
Paris Quotes 126
You may never find love in this world. Yes, some of us our not that fortunate. But you will find that unconditional love for yourself in Paris.
Paris Quotes 125
Sunlight reaching me through these magnolia plants while I am lying down on the grass in a Paris afternoon is my only fetish.
Paris Quotes 124
Paris in Pink is an elixir for my eyes.
Paris Quotes 123
A wedding proposal in Paris is a dream come true for every girl.
Paris Quotes 122
I believe Paris was created by God on a Sunday.
Paris Quotes 121
For there are million things that can nourish your soul, Paris is one of them.
Paris Quotes 120
With all the noises in your head, the only thing that can mute them and help you hear your inner creed is a time spent with yourself in Paris.
Paris Quotes 119
A night in Paris brings you close to who you are than you ever will staying behind these closed walls.
Paris Quotes 118
Magnolias are my favourites. Because when I smell them with my eyes closed I instantly find myself in Paris gazing at the Eiffel Tower.
Paris Quotes 117
Capturing the moment of me wearing a flying dress while walking towards the Eiffel Tower is in my bucket list.
Paris Quotes 116
‘Joie de vivre’ it means to cherish life in French. This is what you experience in Paris.
Paris Quotes 115
If you are someone who enjoys the warmth and the light of the sun in the spring season, Paris is all you need.
Paris Quotes 114
All my desires came to life and my motivation fuelled up by only spending a spring in Paris.watching the sunset in Paris.
Paris Quotes 113
The streets of Paris are not some noisy streets. In these noisy streets you’ll find calmness you can never find anywhere else.
Paris Quotes 112
Wine and strawberries, macarons and croissants, you and I, having an experience of lifetime
Paris Quotes 111
Paris deliberately misspelled as ‘Pa-ree’ sounds like ‘Pari’ to me as in ‘angel’. Feels like an angel’s call for something heavenly.
Paris Quotes 110
The starry night at Paris and the Eiffel Tower drenched in stars itself is a memory you would want to keep forever.
Paris Quotes 109
Paris being the city of romance, if you can see, romances with itself.
Paris Quotes 108