Paris, the city of lights. From the sun freckles in the lakes to restaurants with delicious food, it’s no surprise that Paris is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Let us have a look at some Paris quotes.


Paris quotes


Historically, France was the heart of art and literature. It is also famous for its rich culture and delicious food. Its culinary skills and wines are famous. How can we conclude an occasion without good food?  A trip to Paris is always a flawless choice to taste the sweet and spicy food varieties. Also, You can find a restaurant with any budget and taste.


 From the Eiffel tower, museums, churches, there are a lot of masterpieces, which are the perfect examples of the true talents of mankind. The Eiffel tower itself is symbolic of Paris. 324 meters high, the wonder of the world has nearly seven million visitors every year.


Paris, the French Capital is not just a spot that existed in maps, but a place that has been extant in the hearts of many. It is considered lucky to be in Paris because this city nourishes the soul, and it will be a reviver to live a beautiful life. In addition, the art, architecture, and history of Paris are other alluring features of Paris. So, it is the university of arts, literature, and music. Several Films had also captured the glamour and beauty of Paris.


This is The city of fashion where The big brands like Chanel, Dior, Hermes were all started and events like Paris fashion week takes place.


Paris is not just a paradise of rich art and literature, but also a city of love.  It is worth spending time together here. That's why couples always wish to visit Paris. Traditional elegance and restaurants with romantic architecture make Paris an alluring idea for the dinner plans of couples. 


Instead of beauty, the French people are also an appealing trait about Paris.These are the Paris quotes that captured the pleasant essence of Paris.

Paris Quotes

Dear Paris, you will be my first and last love. You aren’t a destination to be explored you are an emotion to be connected.
paris quotes 107
We always have Paris in the travel bucket list. It excites me when I think of blinking lights and sparkling streets.
paris quotes 106
I just want to have a place in your heart just like Paris having Eiffel Tower.
paris quotes 105
I could ask god for nothing more but just for one lifetime in Paris.
paris quotes 104
Standing in front of Eiffel tower with you beside me is one of the most beautiful thing god has gifted me.
paris quotes 103
At the touch of love, Paris is a city to be loved.
paris quotes 102
Everyone might love a city and have stories to talk after they visit. Paris is a place I could love and narrate before I have been.
paris quotes 101
If I had an option of climbing mount Everest or Eiffel tower. I would choose Eiffel tower.
paris quotes 100
Paris is not a place to live in it’s a dwell of paradise to feel within.
paris quotes 99
Paris left impressions in my heart. It is the most extra ordinary place I have ever been.
paris quotes 98
To breathe in Paris it nourishes the soul and calms the mind no place could.
paris quotes 97
A place that bring stillness and peace within. I had forgotten how gently time had passed.
paris quotes 96
Paris is not just a city it’s a world of beauty words can’t explain, only tickets can.
paris quotes 95
When she landed in Paris she turned her cant’s into cans and dreams into plans.
paris quotes 94
I left from Paris, but Paris never left me. And I booked my tickets again.
paris quotes 93
paris is the place where you can be yourself, because it gives you hope and courage.
Paris Quotes 92
at night paris looks like a star on earth surface, its a feeling of joy and it will make you feel amaze.
Paris Quotes 91
eating pancakes, amd reading book in one hand, there cannot be any other place where paris stand.
Paris Quotes 90
paris should be called the city of peace, because everytime i go there i feel that peace.
Paris Quotes 89
artists are born is Paris soul's, everytime i look, i found art forsure.
Paris Quotes 88
if you are not having a good time, then its time to go to Paris to make everything fine.
Paris Quotes 87
to all the one's who love paris, its not just any city, its a live beauty , its a heaven on earth in a city.
Paris Quotes 86
paris can never leave your memories alone, its a city which will be loved even after you are gone.
Paris Quotes 85
living in Paris and doing nothing, is not a waste of time, its doing everything
Paris Quotes 84
you can leave paris once, but paris will live in your head forever, never underestimate the power of Paris, never.
Paris Quotes 83
being born in Paris is like feeling blessed, but being reborn in paris is the best.
Paris Quotes 82
we all must fall in love for once forsure, and for that paris is the only cure.
Paris Quotes 81