Patriotism Quotes - Its a feeling of devotion, love, affection, attachment towards your homeland. Patriotism means supporting and become responsible towards your family, your community and sensible towards government aids.

It is not necessary you have to wear flag over your shoulder or put gun and run around, but I try to practice patriotisms honestly, knowledgeably every day. Patriotism can also be define in such as way where you know when your nation is trembling and helping it to do better.

There are many ways to show patriotism, as above said- wearing flag or have gun in hand, define patriotism. To become aware about our responsibilities and little contribution towards the nation shows patriotism. To be patriotic to the nation, here are a few patriotism quotes.

Patriotism Quotes

Citizenship consists in the service of the country. India’s future lies in the hands of every youth. Nurture your minds with great thoughts.
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During the hard times the ‘hero’ within us is reveled. That’s how our freedom fighters were identified.
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Respect and salute every soldier who is still sacrificing their own lives for our independence.
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Patriotism is a kind of religion, where everyone hates injustice and is willing to be killed for the nation.
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Patriotism is invisible yet eternal. Sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism.
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Standing up for national anthem and posting flags on social media doesn’t make you an Indian.
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Freedom was never easy. You have never lived until you have almost died. The protected will never know.
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As long as you don’t achieve social liberty, there is no use of the freedom by law provided to you.
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Bombs and pistols never make a revolution the sword of revolution is sharpened with stone of ideas in making the country peaceful.
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Patriotism consists not in waving a flag but in striving for our country in a righteous way.
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Patriotism is not a short term involvement, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.
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A real patriot is the one who is willing to change the government when it’s wrong
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Patriotism is supporting the country all the time but supporting the government when it deserves.
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Any country with liberty dwells with peace. Celebrate the freedom and rejoice in the spirit of independence.
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Better feel proud on fighting for something than live for nothing.
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Stand up straight with voice of bravery tell I am a proud Indian citizen. Jai hind.
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India may be long distance to reach but I am not in the mind set to stop that reach. Will achieve it. Vandhe matharam
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Our freedom is the expression of bravery, love and sacrifice.
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Let the waves for tricolor give us the peace, love and pleasure.
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There is a country for you to breathe, love and live just celebrate this freedom. Bharath matha ki jai.
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Let the peace and love fill the country to unite us. Jai hind.
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There is no living thing like a mother, there is no heaven like her feet, there is no earth like our motherland. My mother land is my breathe. My salute to this bharath.
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Our nation is india Our people are indians Together we work to rise we rise the standard of india. Jai hind.
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Our flag is not waving because of the breeze it’s waving for our pride heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom.
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Population without unity is weak. If it rightly United it will become the big power. Unity is strength.
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No need of silence, lets shout vandhe matharam bharath matha ki jai before the graveyard of our freedom fighters
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Reward we got for our patriotism is freedom.
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