Patriotism Quotes - Its a feeling of devotion, love, affection, attachment towards your homeland. Patriotism means supporting and become responsible towards your family, your community and sensible towards government aids.

It is not necessary you have to wear flag over your shoulder or put gun and run around, but I try to practice patriotisms honestly, knowledgeably every day. Patriotism can also be define in such as way where you know when your nation is trembling and helping it to do better.

There are many ways to show patriotism, as above said- wearing flag or have gun in hand, define patriotism. To become aware about our responsibilities and little contribution towards the nation shows patriotism. To be patriotic to the nation, here are a few patriotism quotes.

Patriotism Quotes

I ought to get a kick out of the chance to have the option to cherish my nation regardless of love equity.
Patriotism Quotes 125
Patriotism is the excellence of the horrible
Patriotism Quotes 124
In the essence of incomprehensible chances, individuals who love this nation can transform it.
Patriotism Quotes 123
The most noteworthy nationalism is to let your nation know when it is acting despicably, stupidly, violently.
Patriotism Quotes 122
Patriotism is supporting your country constantly and your administration when it merits it
Patriotism Quotes 121
It isn't generally exactly the same thing to be a decent man and a productive member of society.
Patriotism Quotes 120
A loyalist should continuously be prepared to protect his country against his administration.
Patriotism Quotes 119
There is no banner huge enough to cover the disgrace of killing guiltless individuals.
Patriotism Quotes 118
Loyalty to country Generally. Steadfastness to government, when it merits it.
Patriotism Quotes 117
A fantastic country, the main astounding country; it is the main spot where marvels not just occur,
Patriotism Quotes 116
Nationalism is empathy, it is greatness, it is courage.
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Opportunity lies in being striking.
Patriotism Quotes 114
You can't separate harmony and freedom.Because nobody can find a sense of contentment except if he has his opportunity.
Patriotism Quotes 113
Nothing bad can really be said about country that can't be relieved by common decency with country
Patriotism Quotes 112
Country isn't simply a riches, it is enthusiasm.
Patriotism Quotes 111
The truth of the matter is with each kinship you make and each obligation of trust you lay out you are molding the picture of country projected to the remainder of world
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Nationalism is straightforward in the country. It implies paying special attention to yourself by paying special attention to your country.
Patriotism Quotes 109
Despite incomprehensible chances individuals who love their nation can transform it.
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In the trust sense opportunity can't be gave it should be accomplished
Patriotism Quotes 107
Ask not how your nation can help you, ask how you can help your country
Patriotism Quotes 106
The tradition of legends - the memory of an incredible name, and legacy of extraordinary
Patriotism Quotes 105
I think nationalism is like foundation it starts at home
Patriotism Quotes 104
A second comes, which comes yet seldom ever, when we step out from the old to the new; when an age finishes; and when the spirit of a country long smothered tracks down expression
Patriotism Quotes 103
Opportunity does not merit having in the event that it does exclude the opportunity to commit errors
Patriotism Quotes 102
Quit any pretense of drinking rice-brew and alcohol. An individual's body and soul also rot in like manner
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We should have total confidence in ourselves. We can find success provided that we trust in our endeavors." Countries are made without anyone else
Patriotism Quotes 100
We will confront the projectiles of the foes. We are free and will stay free.
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