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philosophical quotes

The term originates from Greek word. It means love of wisdom. It is a study that seeks to understand the existence & reality.

Philosophy tries to discover the nature of truth and knowledge. Philosophy uses the toolas of logic & reason. To analyze the ways in which humans experience the world.

The study helps to enhance the ability to solve problems. The ability to speak and write and the ability to assess proposed solutions

The Best definition of philosophy

Nothing gives a person a sense of purpose

Like a distinct thoughtful of where they’re going.

It deals with study of general questions. Like existence, knowledge, values, reason. Such questions pose a problem to study or to resolve.

The term coined by Pythagoras. Some methods are questioning & discussion. It associates with culture & search for knowledge.

Examples of philosophy

Philosophic thought is a part of human existence. Everyone puzzled by some questions. “What does life mean?”, “Did I have any existence before birth?”, and “Is there life after death?”. By studying, people can clarify what they believe.

They can stimulate to think about questions. Philosophy influences on day to day life.

Philosophy of love

Philosophy of love is the field of social philosophy. It attempts to explain the nature of love. There are different theories. The theories account the existence of love.

Psychology Theories It considers love to be healthy.

Evolution Theories states love is the process of natural selection.

Spiritual Theories consider love to be a gift from god.

Some theories consider love to be a mystery.

Philosophy of Nature

Philosophy of nature is a study of nature. The physical universe that was dominant. It leads to the origin of natural science.

Branches of natural include astronomy & cosmology. It includes study of matter, natural and physical quantities.

Philosophy of Time

In classical philosophy time divided into three distinct regions. They are past, present and future. The past is as fixed, the future as at least undefined. The present becomes part of past and part of the future.

In turn, it becomes the new present. Time is the philosophy of present. This argues that only the present exists.

Philosophy of life

There are at least two senses in which the term used. A formal and an informal sense.

In the formal sense philosophy is an academic study of the fields. The fields are social & political. One’s “philosophy of life” is philosophy in the informal sense. The focus is resolving the questions about the human condition.

The term philosophy referred to knowledge. It relates to religion, mathematics, science, education & politics.

Philosophy is the acquisition of knowledge. It is a logical explanation of thoughts. It is not a theory but an activity. The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple. End with something so illogical that no one will believe it.

Philosophy as an activity has number of motivations. It raises the interest level.

Creates interest towards cultural & history. Sharpen the thinking & writing skills.

It develops wide variety of activities. It is a process of reflection on the deepest concepts. The object of philosophy is the logical explanation of thoughts.

Philosophical Quotes

Expectations lead to disappointment. Expectation kills!
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I will progress slowly but will be in progress.
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Win your anger with love and evil with goodness.
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You don’t want to live like a saint just live with conscience.
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Peace is the only highness in the world.
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Don’t be in a hurry. It will happen when time comes. Until keep calm
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Human tongue is the only thing which can kill the person without blood.
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You will lose your freedom to whom you are sharing your secrets.
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All your dreams come true after so many hurts. That’s life, accept it.
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Don’t look at your future with fear. It will make you tear.
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Always trust the process. Once you start Enjoying the process. You will never have the Fear of Failure
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If you want to fulfill the purpose of your life, be Pragmatic. Accept everything you encounter in your life and use it in a good way to fulfill your purpose.
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If you think that you are smart and intelligent, Why haven't you figured out how to be happy and satisfied?!!
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Philosophy of life can be statement and purpose of achieving goals and aims.
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After so much pain and stress in life, one get upset and they start reading holy books and somewhat behave and talk the philosophical language.
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