The ultimate aim of politics is to serve the people and make policies that will help their development the style of politics may be different, the ultimate aim is to serve the goals of the society .


 In 75 years of independent India we progressed. Before Independence India had faced illiteracy, poverty and not a proper form of industry. The main motto of Indian leadership was economic development but it was a challenge to our own leaders. To achieve this goal , they had to follow two models  which is Capitalist and socialist these models were followed by the USA and USSR. In 1954 Indian Parliament accepted the Social economic polity. They encouraged the private sector to grow and export and import goods. It was  a Mixed Economy where the private sector  and  the public were working and helpful to each other.


India rejected the Capitalist style of Modernization because at the time majority of the people were illiterate and to become modern and breakdown the social structures was required which was challenged and impossible. Modernization was related with ideas of growth  and scientific rationality but lack of education and resources was not possible in India.


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Politics Quotes

Politics means repetition and change. Repetition of people’s benefits, changes in betterment of people welfare. Not change or repetition of parties.
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Society has to change to bring the change. The entire democratic system has to be rethought.
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Too much of honesty is dangerous. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.
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The real power is not money power, but political power. Think twice before giving the power.
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Corruption is a mortal enemy for young democracies. Duty of the youth is to challenge corruption.
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Man’s capacity for justice, makes democracy possible. But man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.
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Democracy might be worst form for government but when people of the nation keep government in check its democracy.
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Politics is everywhere. Everything you use in every day’s life has its politics before reaching you.
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Government in old days was ruled to protect people. Now it is ruled to run people’s life.
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Voting shouldn’t be seen as a right, it is a method used to determine which words are meant to happen.
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Politicians with some degree of honesty and integrity can make the country little wise and peaceful.
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Vote for the one who comes into politics to change the country not to change the labor party.
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In order to become the master, politician presents himself as a servant.
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Political language is the art of converting lies sound truthful.
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Politics once was different; nowadays politics has become a serious business.
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