The ultimate aim of politics is to serve the people and make policies that will help their development the style of politics may be different, the ultimate aim is to serve the goals of the society .


 In 75 years of independent India we progressed. Before Independence India had faced illiteracy, poverty and not a proper form of industry. The main motto of Indian leadership was economic development but it was a challenge to our own leaders. To achieve this goal , they had to follow two models  which is Capitalist and socialist these models were followed by the USA and USSR. In 1954 Indian Parliament accepted the Social economic polity. They encouraged the private sector to grow and export and import goods. It was  a Mixed Economy where the private sector  and  the public were working and helpful to each other.


India rejected the Capitalist style of Modernization because at the time majority of the people were illiterate and to become modern and breakdown the social structures was required which was challenged and impossible. Modernization was related with ideas of growth  and scientific rationality but lack of education and resources was not possible in India.


Check out some politics quotes below

Politics Quotes

Politics is making the weak stronger instead of making the stronger strongest.
Politics quotes 90
A good leader is who doesn’t take politics as a business, he must help his nation in removing unemployment.
Politics quotes 89
Words are useless in politics. It’s the game of actions.
Politics quotes 88
Politics reflects the power of money. Everything stays positive until this power is in good hands.
Politics quotes 87
Politics shouldn’t be taking as a game or business. It’s a chance to correct the wrong and create a better world.
Politics quotes 86
Winning losing doesn’t matter, unity is important and that’s where politics lack.
Politics quotes 85
Politics plays important role in security of a country and that comes with unity.
Politics quotes 84
A wise leader creates wise political party keeping all the greed aside
Politics quotes 83
Politics is having power of the country, until it’s wise it keeps on getting more powerful.
Politics quotes 82
Ignorance towards local people is the biggest problem of politics, they forget that public is the reason they are standing with power.
Politics quotes 81
Being a leader is not easy because lots of hopes depends on each move you make.
Politics quotes 80
Politics requires bold, strong, fearless leader with humanity.
Politics quotes 79
All that’s needed in politics is humanity and growth.
Politics quotes 78
Winning wars is useless unless there is peace.
Politics quotes 77
Politics stays true unless money isn’t in between, but when greed of money is there then comes the drowning stage.
Politics quotes 76
Politics keeps on changing rules, there’s nothing permanent just like it’s leaders.
Politics quotes 75
Politics doesn’t depend on who runs it but on how it’s running.
Politics quotes 74
A developed country is the reason of good management of politics.
Politics quotes 73
Local people have many hopes from political parties so stop playing politics with them.
Politics quotes 72
No promises can judge a leader in politics, his actions matter.
Politics quotes 71
Politics can either save lives or drown the whole country within seconds.
Politics quotes 70
Politics keeps on changing with time by new leaders of different mindset.
Politics quotes 69
In politics, making laws is easy than to implement. That’s where political parties lack
Politics quotes 68
Politics is full of advices and not work. Planning is waste without implementing.
Politics quotes 67
Good growth is the real achievement of politics. It was meant for it.
Politics quotes 66
Helping societies to grow is real job of politics instead of fillings pockets.
Politics quotes 65
Politics was made to make lifestyle easier but not to play games.
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