Power doesn't come to someone without any effort. It requires a tremendous amount of strength and hard work to get to that position. It requires planning and comprehending different aspects of a situation in advance and coming up with creative ideas to tackle them. If being powerful is what you are looking for then here is a list of powerful quotes to inspire you. Power quotes will help you to rise up and fight for what you want.

One can choose to be powerful both physically and mentally. But being mentally strong is one of the important qualities of a powerful person. Being powerful might seem like either a very easy task or too difficult one. Being proactive and having thought management is very important. Power is within you.

Awaken the power inside you. You can do anything and start working hard for what you aspire for and try to make a difference. Power quotes will help you to push yourself in that direction.

Power Quotes

To the mind which is stable, the whole universe surrenders. Stay calm that’s the new power.
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The mind is a powerful force. It can suppress you or empower you. Learn to use it wisely.
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Train your mind to see good in everything. A positive mind finds opportunity, a negative find faults in everything.
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Set peace of mind as your highest goal, nobody can defeat a powerful mind.
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Strong minds suffer without complaining, weak minds complain without suffering.
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Promise yourself to be strong. Ensure nothing and nobody can spoil your peace of mind.
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A strong body is liability. A strong mind is a good asset worth the lifetime.
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A normal man waits for opportunity to knock the door; a wise man builds the door.
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Explore and discover your mind, it can create fuel for anything. It is the most powerful, efficient energy source inside you.
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You have power over your mind, not with outside events; realize this and you will find strength from within.
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Strength isn’t about how much you can handle before you break, it’s how much you can handle after you are broken.
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A man who is never afraid is a man who believes in himself. He who believes in his own thoughts can achieve anything.
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Mind is more powerful than your body. Food you intake comes strength. Thoughts that you feed creates you.
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Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.
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Being powerful is so much meaningful than being beautiful.
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