Procrastination is delaying something or putting something till it last minute. Some famous researchers define procrastination is a form of self regulation with the irrational delay of the task.


It is nothing to do with laziness if you are well organized and a hundred percent dedicated to your work. And then suddenly you, yourself frittering for several hours, watching TV. enjoying and surfing social networking sites, shopping online, etc. While at that specific time you should spend on your essential work like home-work, office work or other important projects.


Procrastination is one of the major barrier to take right decision at right time. And you start living in day dreams thoughts. According to recent research, people waste there time doing in day dream thoughts, rather than completing the important task of life.


When you procrastinate, you waste time on work that is unnecessary for your life and does not make any sense. It is a smart skill that you should learn and stop wasting your time procrastinating


Relaxing and Laziness is not Procrastination


We should not get confused with the words laziness or relaxation with procrastination. Relaxing re-energizes your body to work again with high speed. After working for long hours, everyone needs a break so, after relaxing the mind and the body, you can restart your work.


And laziness is something you are not in the mood to do any work. Lazy people simply don't try to do work or do not put effort to complete the task. On the other hand, in procrastination, there is a desire to do work but not in the proper mood to do or to start the work.


How To Stop Procrastination


  • Improve daily habits
  • Meet with the daily task
  • Make to-do list

Procrastination Quotes

A day delayed to work due to procrastination is a day deducted from your life.
Procrastination quotes 61
Active work and a proactive approach to life help you to tackle procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 60
Pluck your courage and do your work; this helps to keep procrastination at bay.
Procrastination quotes 59
Time lost is never to be found again, so invest wisely rather than indulge in procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 58
Procrastination is an addiction several times more destructive than all substance addictions
Procrastination quotes 57
As my life comes to an end, I reflect and find that I lost my best years to procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 56
Procrastination is a lazy way out of your responsibilities in your life.
Procrastination quotes 55
Procrastination is inevitable, so the next best thing is to take action to make up for the loss suffered from it.
Procrastination quotes 54
They are a liar if they tell you that they have never procrastinated all their life.
Procrastination quotes 53
Procrastination is a buddy of the bureaucratic department as you never get your work done on time.
Procrastination quotes 52
Lazy and creative people turn procrastination into their downtime and use their skills to finish work in a limited time.
Procrastination quotes 51
Procrastination is that thief who has robbed you of your potential and time.
Procrastination quotes 50
Time your procrastination and down the line, you will find success waiting for you with open arms.
Procrastination quotes 49
Turn your procrastination into self-cultivation by doing your hobbies while you are at it.
Procrastination quotes 48
Procrastination is a bundle of missed opportunities to do something great with our life.
Procrastination quotes 47
Without any active rewards, we have turned procrastination into our rewards for work done.
Procrastination quotes 46
Little did I know that I would fall into the rosy trap of procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 45
It has become a fad to procrastinate at work and submit projects only on deadlines.
Procrastination quotes 44
The need for my next paycheck keeps luring me out of the arms of procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 43
We wield procrastination as a weapon of choice until deadlines give us a wake-up call.
Procrastination quotes 42
We lazy bums dillydally until procrastination becomes a habit of ours!
Procrastination quotes 41
Pen to paper and hands to the laptop- are enemies to procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 40
As I dillydally around all day long the calendar haunts me in my dreams
Procrastination quotes 39
I drag out time, stall my deadline, scroll down the feeds and then go to sleep. My day ends just like this!
Procrastination quotes 38
Stall, stall, stall until you fall into the vicious loop of procrastination.
Procrastination quotes 37
I drag my feet to the seat by my table, yet unable to meet my work deadline.
Procrastination quotes 36
We all have all types of work, and we all keep delaying doing them- for some non-existent reasons.
Procrastination quotes 35