Best And Unique Promise Quotes To Keep Promises

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“Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them ...”― Stephen Richards 

What does promising mean?

Promise is a confident assurance given to someone either to do or not to do something. A promise is done to fulfill the desire and intention of a person with full honesty and obedience.

Promise has different meanings in different places. In some situations, Promise is referred to as money whereas in other it is signified for the law.

It has reserved meaning in various regions. Making a promise to someone is one of the most powerful forms of communication in existence. 

“As soon as one promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that one most wishes to do.”― Georgette Heyer, Venetia 

Why promises should be true?

Promises are made with the acceptance of two people. One of the others would definitely be serious about the promises.

At least one among the promisee will remember the vow. So, it is not good to do a fake promise. It would hurt either of them mentally. 

If the promise is not true, then it is called a fake or a false promise. These promises are not deceiving and defrauding.

There is no use in such promises. It is a promise that is made without consideration and is usually unenforceable. In other words, it is called a naked promise too. 

A graceful refusal is better than a lengthy promise.”― Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S 

What if we can't keep our promises?

“The problem with promises is that once you've made one, it's bound to be broken. It's like an

unspoken cosmic rule.”― Bree Despain, The Dark Divine 

Promises communicate, how much we value the particular person. Keeping promises is considered a measure of one’s worth.  Not keeping a promise is the same as disrespecting yourself. Ultimately it can harm our self-image, self-esteem, and our life. 

Breaking promises have a very bad impact and it disappoints the person to whom we have promised. Trust erodes when promises weren't kept — and no communication follows to explain or clarify.

There is an implicit responsibility to follow up with the person we broke our word to, no matter how casually, if we want to maintain positive social relationships with that person. Disappointment steals the stage if promises are not kept into consideration. 

“Liars make the best promises.”― Pierce Brown, Golden Son

Promise Quotes

I never make a promise to which I’m not capable
Promise Quotes 86
I know I’m trustworthy so I don’t fear to make promises
Promise Quotes 85
Make a promise to your loved ones they’re more important than anyone else
Promise Quotes 84
Promise is made by faith, don’t cheat on someone’s faith, you lost your value
Promise Quotes 83
I promise you, I can’t live without you don’t leave me alone
Promise Quotes 82
You’re my only hope who never shared my feelings with anyone
Promise Quotes 81
You know your limit don’t fail to fulfill your promise
Promise Quotes 80
Strong people never break promise because their desires too strong
Promise Quotes 79
I promise you, you’re mine, I never betray you even I’m in trouble
Promise Quotes 78
Always good people suffers because they wanna be true in every situations
Promise Quotes 77
A true promises live even the difficulties knocks but fake promises broke
Promise Quotes 76
I promise you to be with you in your hard times and hurdles, I never leave you
Promise Quotes 75
Fake promises hurts, make promise which is secure and careful
Promise Quotes 74
Promise yourself you never be trouble to anyone who doesn’t like you
Promise Quotes 73
Make sure that your every promise should be fulfilled
Promise Quotes 72
Falling in love is easy but keeping it with by fulfilling all the promises is difficult
Promise Quotes 71
I never make fake promises because it ends my value
Promise Quotes 70
I promise you for our future to make better than the today
Promise Quotes 69
Never trust a person who break promises once
Promise Quotes 68
Promise a faith one can have don’t break it
Promise Quotes 67
Don’t promise without the effort, work hard to fulfill the promise
Promise Quotes 66
My sweet love I am promising you that I will take care until my last breath until my last heart ❤️ pumping in the world
Promise Quotes 65
Baby you should remember one thing I will only be yours forever
Promise Quotes 64
Even if the whole world false about I will never let go about from your life
Promise Quotes 63
My life gave new beautiful think that's you and I am from missing you I will never let you go anyway from my heart
Promise Quotes 62
When I am seeing you first time I will never think that you are my everything but right now I am realising you are my everything baby
Promise Quotes 61
I want share all my happiness, feeling, sadness, emotions, anger etc all with you only baby
Promise Quotes 60