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Send quotes about self for every day for your friends and family to remind your love for them always. People in life are precious.

quotes-about-selfSend a beautiful quote every day for your friends and family to remind your love for them always. People in life are precious.

“Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.”

Self means not being selfish. We are spending our life by thinking and worrying about others. In this busy life, we must spend some time in thinking about ourselves. 


“To love yourself is to understand you don’t need to be perfect to be good.”

Self-love is the only thing that could refresh our soul and mind. If we start to love ourselves, then there is no need for other’s companies.

Self-love saves us from heartbreaks and disappointments. When we love someone else, they need us to be perfect. Obviously there will be thousands of rules which we really don’t want to follow.

We have to force ourselves into something which does not suit us at all. When it continues for a long time, we will start to forget who we are and continue the rest of our life being a slave to other people in the name of love.

To come out of all the above, the only thing that we could do with no cost is self-love.

When we start to love our own body and soul then no one could eventually give certification to us. It’s just we, who have to certify us as best by self. 


“Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.”

Self-care? It became a true joke. Especially women never do it for themselves. They do everything for their family and kids, but won’t even shake their fingers for their self-care. 

Not only women, every one of us should have some self-care to live a healthy and peaceful life. 

Self-care is not about eating healthy foods, doing yoga, sitting in peaceful meditation or being a Buddhist.

It is all about having some time for ourselves and doing things that could refresh our soul and brighten our day. 

We must give importance to emotional self-care. It’s nothing but we have to stop showering too much love and care for someone who doesn’t value us.

Because our deep heart knows about that person well and it is really a hell to accept, the reality later. So it is our duty to protect us from emotional breakups.

We have to give importance physically too. Not for others, but for ourselves, we have to be healthy and fit. We have to eat healthy foods, go for regular medical checkups if suffering from anything and also should look good in physical appearance. 


Before expecting someone to respect us, we should learn to respect ourselves. Self-respect is the only thing that makes us live a better life. So learn to move on from any situation or people that disturb our self-respect.

We have many quotes about self-respect, self-love, and care. Send it to the persons whom you care about the most. Also, motivate yourself with the below quotes.

Quotes About Self

You deserve to be a winner, but never let the win blind you.
quotes about self 70
Hey boy ,you are allowed to make mistakes just an effort to learn from it is enough.
quotes about self 69
I am built in a way which suits me. I am growing in a way which is most like me and that made me one of a kind.
quotes about self 68
Everybody is made different and the differences make them unique. Admire yourself and carve out the best in you.
quotes about self 67
Be like a butterfly.Beautiful to see,hard to catch.
quotes about self 66
Let the people enter your world, do their thing and leave. Never let them get inside you.
quotes about self 65
Set your affirmations, repeat your affirmations, work for your affirmations and live your affirmations
quotes about self 64
Never let your memories tear you down.Keep it to cheer you up.
quotes about self 63
Be the director and script writer of your story. Never let anybody to do it for you.
quotes about self 62
Let your life be a book. let the people be the chapters.It is in your hands where to mark the full stops, comas and exclamations.
quotes about self 61
You never know how strong you are until life throws you struggles. Prove life wrong, Be strong while you are at your best itself.
quotes about self 60
Hey girl, you are the queen of your life,warrior of your struggles, judge of your decisions
quotes about self 59
Right person smiles with you,greives with you,stands with you and never let your self worth fall.Choose wisely.
quotes about self 58
Never argue with people. Let them bark and leave .They never deserved your attention.
quotes about self 57
Create a circle,let the good enter it and let your world happen inside.
quotes about self 56
Trust the body,mind and soul,treat it right ,you will shine different.
quotes about self 55
Those who have the courage to fail, deserves to win.
quotes about self 54
Make flaws again,again and again Fall again,again and again Cry again,again and again,but never forget to rise and shine.
quotes about self 53
Focus on your goals ,chase your aims, never doubt your mind power.
quotes about self 52
Invest your time on you ,then people will invest their time on you.
quotes about self 51
Your life is yours.Stop letting people mind your business too much
quotes about self 50
Conquer your mind first.It will conquer the world for you.
quotes about self 49
Your self esteem speaks a thousand words than your mouth,Keep it high.
quotes about self 48
Do not wait for someone to change the world.Be the change.
quotes about self 47
Be yourself and the world will change for you.
quotes about self 46
Never reel around your insecurities,be real to your personality.
quotes about self 45
Understanding your self worth is the best thing you can do to yourself
quotes about self 44