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Send quotes about self for every day for your friends and family to remind your love for them always. People in life are precious.

quotes-about-selfSend a beautiful quote every day for your friends and family to remind your love for them always. People in life are precious.

“Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.”

Self means not being selfish. We are spending our life by thinking and worrying about others. In this busy life, we must spend some time in thinking about ourselves. 


“To love yourself is to understand you don’t need to be perfect to be good.”

Self-love is the only thing that could refresh our soul and mind. If we start to love ourselves, then there is no need for other’s companies.

Self-love saves us from heartbreaks and disappointments. When we love someone else, they need us to be perfect. Obviously there will be thousands of rules which we really don’t want to follow.

We have to force ourselves into something which does not suit us at all. When it continues for a long time, we will start to forget who we are and continue the rest of our life being a slave to other people in the name of love.

To come out of all the above, the only thing that we could do with no cost is self-love.

When we start to love our own body and soul then no one could eventually give certification to us. It’s just we, who have to certify us as best by self. 


“Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.”

Self-care? It became a true joke. Especially women never do it for themselves. They do everything for their family and kids, but won’t even shake their fingers for their self-care. 

Not only women, every one of us should have some self-care to live a healthy and peaceful life. 

Self-care is not about eating healthy foods, doing yoga, sitting in peaceful meditation or being a Buddhist.

It is all about having some time for ourselves and doing things that could refresh our soul and brighten our day. 

We must give importance to emotional self-care. It’s nothing but we have to stop showering too much love and care for someone who doesn’t value us.

Because our deep heart knows about that person well and it is really a hell to accept, the reality later. So it is our duty to protect us from emotional breakups.

We have to give importance physically too. Not for others, but for ourselves, we have to be healthy and fit. We have to eat healthy foods, go for regular medical checkups if suffering from anything and also should look good in physical appearance. 


Before expecting someone to respect us, we should learn to respect ourselves. Self-respect is the only thing that makes us live a better life. So learn to move on from any situation or people that disturb our self-respect.

We have many quotes about self-respect, self-love, and care. Send it to the persons whom you care about the most. Also, motivate yourself with the below quotes.

Best special quotes about self

1. I discovered that I myself is the cause of all my problems. I overthink every little thing and live in depression.

Quotes About Self-1

2. Instead of criticizing myself, I decided to trust and love myself. Now my life is beautiful.

Quotes About Self-2

3. When we stop thinking about me and myself and concentrate on we and ours the world will become a better place.

Quotes About Self-3

4. Your self-confidence is the biggest weapon that will help you in winning over this world.

Quotes About Self-4

5. Self- esteem is the most important thing in life. If you feel that in a relationship your self- esteem is being questioned, end the relationship before you lose yourself.

Quotes About Self-5

6. The day you left me I discovered my worth. I realized that you left me because you couldn’t handle my worth not because I wasn’t good enough.

Quotes About Self-6

7. From the very moment I realized that how I live my life is my business, and none of other people’s, my life has been fantastic.

Quotes About Self-7

8. When I find myself drained, I get out of my house, go to a park, walk on the grass barefoot, enjoy the sunshine, soak in the rain, watch the rainbow and I regain my energy to take on the world. It is the simple things that help us.

Quotes About Self-8

9. Your past does not define who you are. Your choices do.

Quotes About Self-9

10. I thank my past that has dragged me through hell because that is what made me the strong person I am today. 

Quotes About Self-10


Salma Akhter

2021-02-08 01:07:45

Whenever the arrogance of, Being a man comes, He should feel that, He is brother, and He is a father.


Sonit Harish Shetty

2021-02-25 15:11:53

Why am I the type of person that still believes someone's a good person even when they've shown me million times that they're not.


Nidhi Kukreja

2021-02-27 14:20:59

Today, be with yourself a little more, seek within yourself; to meet the real you.


Sonit Harish Shetty

2021-03-01 10:57:25

I want to be the person you're scared to lose.



2021-03-04 17:03:56

"Be aware of the scars you have within you before you give them to others."



2021-03-04 17:19:28

" Stay loyal to the values you have earned from your parents,let the world cross their limits,but you just remember yours."


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-10 23:22:41

Be a self motivated, Be a self confident, Be a self achiever, Be a self learner, Be a self thinker. In this world there is no one who understands better than your self.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-17 23:24:20

What you know about your self is what makes you and what builds you. If you know your self very well then you will be achieve your goal easily. If you know your self very well then you wont be cheated by anyone. Try to understand yourself better.


Vrushali Vijay Bane

2021-04-18 21:12:52

Responsibilities make you reflect on your own self during hard times, so choose responsibilities over comfort.


Vrushali Vijay Bane

2021-04-18 21:15:02

Getting out of the comfort zone makes you realize the amount of potential you have.


Vrushali Vijay Bane

2021-04-18 21:17:22

People will talk a lot about others to make them feel low or bad about themselves but in the end what matters is how and what do you think about yourself.


Priyanka Kashyap

2021-04-20 11:55:35

Before judging someone, Judge your own self. You'll know how it feels.


Aakriti Misra

2021-04-29 20:13:38

You cannot be the best of yourself without being at the worst of yourself.


Aakriti Misra

2021-04-29 20:31:04

You don't have to do something different if you want to be different. You just have to be yourself, because that's what makes you different.


Aakriti Misra

2021-04-30 16:47:47

Your life is not how others see it, your life is all about how you see it. Focus on yourself first.


Rushikesh Padole

2021-05-07 14:02:12

I feel like i am too extreme. I don't think i am cut out to be with someone. I either love them too much or I just don't care.


Avnish pramod

2021-05-08 09:58:45

If you really want something to be true , it will come true .you just have to be patient and make sure that you dont lose yourself in the process.


Aakriti Misra

2021-05-17 20:36:09

Never doubt yourself, you are not any less than the challenge in front of you. Be confident and you can break the ice.


Aakriti Misra

2021-05-17 21:50:25

You are the director in the story of your life, make sure you have set the boundaries high enough that not everyone can think of crossing them.


Aakriti Misra

2021-05-19 22:50:45

Never love someone more than yourself because people may leave and take away all your love. But it won't happen if you love yourself more.


Aakriti Misra

2021-05-19 22:57:20

Love yourself just the way you are because there are already many people in this world who will always point at your imperfections. Don't let the fools play you.


Tejaswi K

2021-05-20 21:11:22

you are awesome with your own flaws


Om Patel

2021-05-22 12:10:53

Its okay to make time for yourself and feel your own vibe for a while.


Sonia Joshi

2021-05-23 12:20:52

Surround yourself with people who motivate you to be your best self.


Vajrapu Ullas

2021-05-26 08:10:10

You will get what who want, when you stop making excuses on why you don't have it.


Sonia Joshi

2021-05-26 12:41:49

It is more important to accept yourself than it is for others to accept you for who you are.



2021-05-27 19:59:12

Focus on what you can control,not on what you cannot control.