The word random resonates in everyone's life. Things in life randomly happen. We did not expect the worst or best situation in our life, but it happen suddenly or randomly.


We can relate thing "RANDOM" word in our daily life situations. For example- everything goes smoothly in life, there is no hassle in life, randomly something or another thing happens in life, which changes our life. This is simply a five letters word, which brings a drastic change in life.


Random Clicks


Like the random situation in life, random click also resonates with life. We do click many pictures in our life to keep memories alive. There is random clicks that will make you laugh or cry.


Random Advice


When we are in a situation where we need someone, to give us the advice to take correct situation. Randomly, someone comes into our lives and gives us a suggestion. At that, point in time it feels like we are so blessed that randomly, which was not expected comes into our life and resolves our problems.


So there are some situation in our life which suddenly comes and go, with some sweet or some bitter memories. And at times randomly, they stuck in the mind and refresh the memories.

Random Quotes

Random movement of soldiers at border can stop infiltrations.
random quotes 15
Random physical effort and proper diet gives a healthy physique.
random quotes 25
Random support of teachers and constant effort of student shows successful result.
random quotes 24
Random care of parents give rise to healthy child in all respect.
random quotes 23
Random activities towards your goal gives you achievement.
random quotes 22
Random effort can be given if there is a firm determination.
random quotes 21
Random effort ends up in success and happy life, provided it is continuous.
random quotes 20
Random exercise may help us in losing extra weight.
random quotes 19
Random conflicts is very common among couples.
random quotes 18
Random rain showers for few days may cause flood, in certain areas.
random quotes 17
Random effort is obviously going to give result, sooner or later.
random quotes 16
Random checking is the practice of all manufacturing unit to maintain quality.
random quotes 14
Random checking by labor department is done to support the labors benefits.
random quotes 13
Random checking of the vehicles before elections works as a trap for illegal activities.
random quotes 12
Random raid activities of the excise department shows fruitful result.
random quotes 11
Random exam pattern shows the actual quality of the student.
random quotes 10
Random selection is not the best way to get talented players.
random quotes 9
Terrorist are giving random challenges to humanity.
random quotes 8
Natural calamities is randomly observed with the development of human civilization.
random quotes 7
Randomness is to be learnt from an art, who never take rest.
random quotes 6
Randomness is observed most in children and least in grown up.
random quotes 5
We are breathing continuously but the pattern is random as per activity.
random quotes 4
True test of the capabilities is judged by random question session in an interview.
random quotes 3
The electrons in an atom is randomly in motion.
random quotes 2
Life is a random flush of challenges and happiness.
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