Religion Quotes - It is a way of life based on the recognition of the sacredness of all things. The religion of the team recommends that the human world be linked to the terrified world. A religion always entails a group of individuals who share the same set of values and adhere to the same set of beliefs. Religion has always enacted concepts that are brought to life through rituals. Catholics in Ronan always begin their prayers with a cross sign. As a show of devotion to God, Muslims kneel and place their foreheads on the ground.

The world's major religions are generally referred to as the five oldest religions.Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism are among these religions.

Here are some Religion Quotes -

Religion Quotes

Religion is the set of practices followed by different people who lives at different part of world to reach out god.
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Nothing defines human better than their willingness to do irrational things, this is the principle of religion.
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All religions are true as god can be reached by different religions just like all rivers flow in different directions but fall into the sea.
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All religion demand equal respect as something good can be learnt from each of them and it’s pointless to divide them.
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It is inhuman to quote religion as a reason to mark someone as lower.
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If every religion is teaching peace to their fellows, then why can’t all of them achieve peace?
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Never consider a difference of opinion in religion as a reason for removing from your friendship.
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This world is my country and all mankind are my siblings and to do well is my religion.
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If religious instruction were not allowed until the child had attained the age of reason, we would be living in a quite different world.
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All religions are like different cars all moving in the same direction.
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Religion and practical life are not two different streams of life but just two stones in the same stream.
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If religion is the enemy of God, It's almost like religion is what happens when the Spirit has left the building.
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There are only two kinds of religion in the world: those based on human achievement and those based on divine accomplishment.
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When you know that you should be kind to every creature in this world, then that is true religion.
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Art and religion are the two roads through which humans escape from their situations to freedom.
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The religion of a man is to do his duty in all situations.
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Religion is the name of similarity and brotherhood.
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Where intentions are pure for everyone, there is the very lovely religion.
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Who protect the religion, religion protect them.
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The person who have religious instinct never become unhappy.
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Religion abolish all the greed and illusions from man's mind and bring satisfaction.
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You can't get the salvation without follow the religion.
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You should learn to follow the religion by Nature, which never forget to follow the religion.
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Religion is like a habit, should be followed.
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Wake up every morning and be thankful to God for have a morning.
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The man who follow the path of truth is the follower of religion.
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To obey our duty honestly is the following of religion.
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