Revolution Quotes From The Past For Present Change


A revolution is a sudden change in a nation's political front. It is revolting against the government. There is repression and oppression of ordinary people in such times. Also, throughout our history, we have seen several revolutions that have shaken the basic foundation of nations. Revolutions include civil wars to independence battles. Great leaders have left us some great advice on revolution by sharing their thoughts as quotes.


Revolution quotes, both famous and rare, may prove to be inspirational. These quotes inspire and motivate young people. They also provide thought-proving insights. They could also just be words of wisdom or advice. Young people are at the front of change. Whether it is fighting for the environment or increasing the rights of women and girls. Throughout human history, young people have come together to take action. Hence, they are the main influence of revolutionary change.

Revolution Quotes

The best slogan for todays revolution must be love, peace and change and be that change first.
Revolution Quotes 141
I have not yet begun the fight, but I want to be the revolution
Revolution Quotes 140
There is no revolution that takes place in white gloves without bloodshed.
Revolution Quotes 139
Women who have a revolution cooking in their mind, must make sure they have a revolutionist as a chef.
Revolution Quotes 138
Revolution is always inherited by the young blood and raw minds.
Revolution Quotes 137
Revolutions can't be planned or declared but they happen by people who want to revolt.
Revolution Quotes 136
All of us want to change the world but not through a revolution.
Revolution Quotes 135
Digital revolution is a more powerful weapon than a physical revolution. .
Revolution Quotes 134
Remember, you can be the revolution but you can neither buy nor make the revolution.
Revolution Quotes 133
Revolution shifts the burden to another shoulder and makes that person to rebel.
Revolution Quotes 132
One cannot fight against the revolution with power Whereas revolution is the source of power
Revolution quotes 131
Each upset emerges from the disappointment of a specific position In a specific second of the revolution
Revolution quotes 130
We accepted that everyone who battles for equity was The 'transformation inside the revolution
Revolution quotes 129
Now and then one must want a little reformation to make a ton of excellence
Revolution quotes 128
Preferably be a person to kick the bucket as a thundering reformer over Surviving as a fainthearted conformer
Revolution quotes 127
Revolution generally seems unimaginable in prospect And unavoidable all things considered
Revolution quotes 126
Upheaval begins with awkward responsibility Since upheaval seldom comes from those in control
Revolution quotes 125
Revolution is inborn to the cutting edge development, Innovation began with unrest Presumably not end with a transformation
Revolution quotes 124
Words are not just the formation of letters But they are the togetherness of revolution
Revolution quotes 123
No need to worry how long the revolution takes its time Because it can cover a vast range of areas
Revolution quotes 122
Every revolution has its unique goal but Every goal spreads over the stage of infinity
Revolution quotes 121
The person ends the way for nonviolent transformation, Simultaneously open the way for a fierce upset
Revolution quotes 120
Psychological warfare works better as a strategy for tyrannies, Or for would-be tyrants, then for progressives
Revolution quotes 119
Try not to simply get by while trusting that Somebody’s insurgency will explicit someone’s mind
Revolution quotes 118
The Day you realized isn't the date you grow; It's the time you progress. The conflict depends on the revolution
Revolution quotes 117
A revolutionist doesn't need to be alive to light the fires of revolution
Revolution quotes 116
The option to make upset is unqualified, for it alone lays out right
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