Revolution Quotes From The Past For Present Change


A revolution is a sudden change in a nation's political front. It is revolting against the government. There is repression and oppression of ordinary people in such times. Also, throughout our history, we have seen several revolutions that have shaken the basic foundation of nations. Revolutions include civil wars to independence battles. Great leaders have left us some great advice on revolution by sharing their thoughts as quotes.


Revolution quotes, both famous and rare, may prove to be inspirational. These quotes inspire and motivate young people. They also provide thought-proving insights. They could also just be words of wisdom or advice. Young people are at the front of change. Whether it is fighting for the environment or increasing the rights of women and girls. Throughout human history, young people have come together to take action. Hence, they are the main influence of revolutionary change.

Revolution Quotes

I have not witnessed a revolution but I know how it feels to revolt.
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Revolution starts in the minds and hearts of people who have seen injustice.
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Many men have fought for the freedom of our country and they chose not to be prisoners of life.
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Today there may be no revolution but it does not guarantee peace everywhere.
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Revolutionary men have always thrived for justice and equality among all.
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Change comes only when we alter our beliefs and the system surrounding us.
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True leaders fight along the revolution and rise above it.
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Revolution is the mark of strength, the beginning of good governance
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The dynamics of a society may vary over time and it can create social unrest.
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Every government should fear the fate of it’s people.
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The youth of a nation inherit the revolutionary traits.
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Power is a means to an end, how we utilize that power in a revolution is important.
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Revolution marks the end of oppression and the beginning of growth among people.
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Rejoice! We are free at last, the revolution has ended.
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People who have been oppressed will definitely rise to become the revolution.
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Economic and social unrest lead to people’s revolution.
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We need to change our mindset in order to bring forth a change in the society.
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When there is harmony in a nation there is scope for progress.
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Agitation and indifference of a common man can lead to a revolution.
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When there is resistance among people they rise to revolt.
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We may not often realize the effects of a revolution, it can be both devastating and uplifting
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When a country’s citizens are happy the economy flourishes.
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No one can predict a revolution, it rises slowly and silently in the minds of people.
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It is not the violence of people that causes a revolution but the silence of good people.
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Our purpose should be to revolt and rise stronger to achieve our goals.
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One nation stands united to fight for independence causing a revolution to rise.
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