Roses Quotes: Rose is a flower that everyone loves because of its range of color, pleasant odor of rose has a ability to captivate people. Roses are originated from Central Asia. When compared to other colors of roses, red roses are much brighter. white roses are meant for purity.

Roses are symbols of love, passion, and affection. It is commonly associated with love; most girls adore roses, and receiving one makes them feel cherished. Roses come in a variety of colors, but when it comes to love, everyone chooses the red rose. Every year, on the 7th of February, exactly as Valentine's Day, everyone expresses their love by giving rose bouquets or even a single rose to their loved ones. Roses are particularly well-suited to proposals. When compared to other color of roses, red roses are much brighter.

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Roses Quotes

Flowers blossom in its own way and for its own joy. That’s why it could widen happiness.
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Happiness is having a rose garden. Flowers are happy things which nothing can replace.
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I hope this bunch of roses could make you understand my love for you. It’s deep as the color and pure as you feel.
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Petal by petal my love for you is unfolded. I would wait for you even after the rose dries.
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Roses are the prettiest creature on earth. It speaks in a silent language called love.
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Skies are blue and roses are red. Life is once to be lead.
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Roses are timeless just like my heart that has infinite love for you.
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Be like a rose, which spreads fragrance, beauty and love. Everyone will begin to like you.
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I will choose roses than having diamonds on my neck.
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You can’t enjoy the presence of flower without watering the seed. Water your days with hard work and dedication, one day you will bloom.
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Just like the rose blooms, your face blossoms when you smile.
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Life is like a rose. Part of flower and part of thorns. The flower is for those who cross the thorns called hurdles.
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Opportunities are like roses. When taken it blooms, if missed it dries.
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The rose might dry, but not my love. Rose has thorns but not my heart.
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A hit of fragrance and a sight of beauty give peace to the mind. Nothing can replace a rose.
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God wish you stay in my life everlastingly for me Because you are the reason for my life, smiling Rose Day my lady
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The most valuable gift in my life I have ever got is you My precious love of life, perfect Rose Day
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Wishing you an outstandingly cheerful rose day The only person that happened to my life is you, my love
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I choose this rose day to express my love for you My dear, I am filled with lots of love for you, happy rose day
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Regardless the affection for you will persist always Without any downs even in downs with joyful Rose Day dear love
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My love happy rose day, with loads of love for you With the whole and lifelong concern in ups and downs
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Magnificence and pains are the exclusive parts of life Never can track down gorgeous roses without lofty positions, happy rose day
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You are my love for what I search around the entire world, Gratitude for being mine on this rose day
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In my life, you are to be sure a gift in Blissful Rose Day Our love stay together, until the end of time
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My love is pretty much as gorgeous as a rose, and I love you massively, Cheerful Rose Day
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