Learning is a primary function of our brain, learning environments are wider and diverse. All humans do learn to understand a subject they are interested in to acquire the knowledge or skills and to do things efficiently. We do follow this learning process to make our own knowledge appropriate. This is essential to develop independence of thinking, to initiate a new activity and achieve the set goals People who learn continually are gaining confidence to achieve their personal ambitions in life. Every day in our life we get to learn something or other either from socialization or through self -initiated study. The discovery of various types of learning has come from research within those subjects.The importance of learning is that it helps an individual to learn the required skills and information through learning and knowledge in order to achieve his or her objectives. People obtain confidence in trying new things and challenging themselves when they learn.Continuous learning is a foundation of company culture because it supports how employees can improve their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to achieve organizational objectives.Learning refers to the process of transforming one's behavior from experience and teaching.People learn by doing simple actions, then progressing to more difficult ones as their skills improve and they observe others do them.

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  1. Time and situations can make you learn lessons from life.
  2. Learning is a constant process, but how much one has exactly retained is varied.
  3. Humans start learning when they are an infant, it terminates when one leaves them in a graveyard.
  4. It seems I have thoroughly learned how to forget what I had studied.
  5. Huge mistakes are often made when one tries to learn and memorize the solutions of Mathematics.
  6. One thing my marriage definitely made me learn in a couple of years is to excel in Extempore.
  7. Science fiction can be a great source to learn and imagine the developing technology.
  8. I learned so many things in the nursery but the only thing I can recall is A B C.
  9. A repeated revision is a key to retaining in your mind whatever you have learned and practiced so far.
  10. A normal student's life routine: Learn, Write, Forget, Repeat till the session term is over.
  11. The wealth which no one can steal from you is your learning and knowledge.
  12. Visuals can impart a more enhanced version of learning if incorporated into the curriculum.
  13. The happiest moment for a toddler and its parents is when it learns to take the very first steps of its life.
  14. Cooking makes me learn how to deal with situations in the kitchen as well as in relationships.
  15. Kids are more on learning with apps, leaving behind the creativity of pencils.
  16. Learning something new to create a path for innovation is worth it.
  17. When I stopped learning, I realized a sudden hindrance of growth inside.
  18. I can never learn the grammar rules but thanks to new vocab developed by social media users
  19. Learning is a phrase that appears more beautiful when knowledge earned is constructive.
  20. They say no pain, no gain. Similarly, no burns no learn.
  21. What I learned in Engineering is still an unanswered question for me: the Backbencher.
  22. "My aunt asked me to learn to work hard from an ant", learning homophones
  23. Sitting idle for no reason can compel one to learn from past experiences.
  24. The waves rising far away in the ocean makes me learn the constant changes hovering around us.
  25. A number of kids around us learn their lessons from adversities and not the books they deserve. 


Science Quotes

Scientific occupations leads the world to great paths by evolving something new, and making life easier.
Science Quotes 30
Experiments and reasons for the same, the science revolves around this whole process.
Science Quotes 29
Science makes life of humans easier, by creating and experimenting and making it a reality not mere a possibility.
Science Quotes 28
Science is a possibility to make hypothesis a solution to the facts evolved.
Science Quotes 27
The genius can become insane too, but Science can also make an insane a genius one day.
Science Quotes 26
Science is just an advanced imaginations of professionals, conducting researchs and experiments.
Science Quotes 25
If theory and facts are contradictory then try changing the facts.
Science Quotes 24
Science is an passion, dedication to achieve something, its not mere a discipline.
Science Quotes 23
Nothing can be considered impossible in the field of science, because it may become possible one day.
Science Quotes 22
Maybe sometimes science can be considered crazy, but crazy in a good way, as one day it can be the reality of life.
Science Quotes 21
Facts are little, but observations and experiments are millions but science make us reach the conclusion with solutions.
Science Quotes 20
Science is the medicine to the myths and superstitions, which leads to great enthusiasm.
Science Quotes 19
Science make our life easier day by day by inventing new technologies, it’s a art which produce things in abundance.
Science Quotes 18
The bee doesn’t knows how it fly, but science has the power to give reasons with observations.
Science Quotes 17
Science is an method to reach the end little by little making it a reality to be believed at large.
Science Quotes 16
Science brings revolution in our life, but its just an perception nothing more.
Science Quotes 15
Science is. An unique pattern followed to achieve the conclusions made by experiences and experiments
Science Quotes 14
Science is technically having solutions to questions by generating methods to be followed.
Science Quotes 13
Science is a perspective of making or taking things to a different level of observation.
Science Quotes 12
Science is a journey of many doubtful experiments to making it precise, stable and useful.
Science Quotes 11
Science is an observation of great minds, making a long journey and reaching the ability to make things better.
Science Quotes 10
Science is very organized, it empowers us to use its knowledge and make this world a better place to live.
Science Quotes 9
Science is just like a torch, which brings light to this universe and acknowledge the humanity.
Science Quotes 8
Our scientific powers has taken us to exploit humanity on harsh level, whether it by making missiles or whether its being dependent on technology.
Science Quotes 7
Everyone here on the planet is so much dependent on the science and the technology too, But nobody actually knows the what science is about.
Science Quotes 6
The science which is today might be a great lesson for tomorrow.
Science Quotes 5
Science is just like an song which never ends untill you stop experimenting.
Science Quotes 4