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Self Love

Self-love is defined as "love of self" or "regard for one's own happiness or advantage" has both conceptualized as a basic human necessity and as a moral flaw, akin to vanity and selfishness, synonymous with amour propre, conceit, conceitedness, egotism, etc.

However, throughout the centuries self-love has adopted a more positive connotation through pride parades, Self Respect Movement, self-love protests, the Hippie era, the new age feminist movement as well as the increase in mental health awareness that promotes self-love as intrinsic to self-help and support groups working to prevent substance abuse and suicide.

Self-love and self-care every day

Practice gratitude. Start your day by saying 5 things you are grateful for, even before you get out of bed.

Each day your brain retains a pattern to look for the positive. Speak more loving words towards yourself. Look in the mirror and say 3 things you love about yourself, mentally.

You yourself deserve your love and affection as much as anybody else Exercise.

Get in some kind of movement for your body and your brain every day, be it running, lifting, cycling, playing tag with your kids, or walking the dog.

Take care of yourself with movement, so you will have the energy to keep taking care of yourself and others as well. Get outdoors more.

Fresh air can help give you an energy boost and Vitamin D helps boost your mood. Take a little walk outside to clear your head, it can help when you're feeling anxious.

Put down your electronics and unplug for an hour every day.

There is so much happening on the Internet and social media these days, and it is exciting and engaging. But it is also very addicting, so it's important to turn it off and unplug for a while.

Focus and do something else. Read a book, chat in person or call a loved one, draw, go for a walk outside, and spend time with the amazing people in your life. Spend time alone, Journal, Take a walk, Take a bath, Meditate.

Give yourself a few minutes of your own time Drink more water.  This may seem like a simple task, but most of us don't drink enough water. Water is life.

Take a water bottle to work that you have to refill, track how many glasses, and drink more Bonus, drinking more means you'll have to get up to go to the bathroom more, a great way to make sure you are getting up from your desk 

Importance of self-love 

Self-love has many benefits; the first benefit is greater life satisfaction. When we love ourselves more we change our perspective of the world. Self-love can give us a more positive attitude towards life.

The second benefit of self-love is that it can encourage us to pick up good habits.  Greater life satisfaction with people who practice self-love. Appreciating yourself helps you appreciate your life.

When you hold yourself in high esteem and know you are fulfilling your purpose in life, you tend to have more enjoyment and a more positive attitude toward the future. Self-love means to accept and allow your true, natural self.

It means, to embrace the unique being you are and express the unique energy that represents the very core of your being. This is true self-love and I agree, it is not an easy thing to do.

I speak only when I feel my words are better than my silence, But sometimes it may hurt or irritate others a lot so I love my silence.


Love yourself then you know the real character of yours


Love yourself, respect yourself so the best you can deserve for your self.