Senior Quotes - When I was in my first year of college, the feeling of everything being so new and different used to make me really uncomfortable. Although I had my batch mates who were going through the same, I really needed someone to guide me through things. That was when I reached out to a couple of my seniors after one of my professors suggested it. As I interacted with them, it felt as if my daunting experiences changed into something pleasant overnight. This is how having amazing seniors in school, college or even at the workplace can make a world of a difference. It is never too late to send some senior quotes to those special seniors who greatly impacted your life. Having good seniors can make your education or work a great experience. They not only add value to your life with their preaching but are fun to be around as well.


Here are some senior quotes you can use to show gratitude.

Senior Quotes

After the first few years of graduation, I was dreaming about conquering the world and after I found the jobless graduates I decided to stick to any job offer.
Senior quotes 45
The journey of my graduation was so tough and I still remember those initial days in my college, it was crucial, and I passed everything successfully.
Senior quotes 44
Do not underestimate the power of the student union, as we are not a political party to get cool down by bags of money, and remember we are students
Senior quotes 43
I failed in my semester exams but I haven’t failed in my life as a human being, and so my juniors are celebrating me as their favorite senior.
Senior quotes 42
I couldn’t able to elaborate on my feelings when my juniors started to call me a senior, it is not because am elder than them but because I treated them so well.
Senior quotes 41
A degree certificate means nothing if your knowledge does not include respecting others and treating everyone with good manners as a top goal.
Senior quotes 40
I made things better, I can even say that I made it in an excellent way, after all now am graduated and got to be promoted as a senior student of my university.
Senior quotes 39
Construct your steps to reach the peak of success and never follow the steps of others even if they belong to your seniors.
Senior quotes 38
The worst thing about graduation is that now you will be considered a senior and your juniors are going to treat you like an old man.
Senior quotes 37
Whenever life tests you with a heavy workload, just keep the workload far away and smile back at your life, and life will lighten everything for you.
Senior quotes 36
Mingle with the team of seniors at your high school as they are going to be your best role model for the rest of your life either in a good or in a bad way.
Senior quotes 35
The journey that you passed is guessed by others only through your potential and the purpose you choose to lead the life.
Senior quotes 34
After graduation, the thought of every senior would be that he need a time lapse machine to go through all the previous years once again.
Senior quotes 33
The life of a senior is not so easy, as he has to be a guide to his juniors and make them feel that their choice of department is right.
Senior quotes 32
A mature senior is someone who feels that his mind is still fresh to learn new things in life.
Senior quotes 31
Senior year is the best time of life when your emotions are at peak and you never want it to end.
Senior quotes 30
There are two types of seniors, one with a degree and one with weed
Senior quotes 29
A successful senior is God for a dedicated junior
Senior quotes 28
Tomorrow comes with hard responsibilities so enjoy today before being a senior.
Senior quotes 27
A senior can show you a direction to follow that may seem tough but it’s genuine for sure.
Senior quotes 26
Seniors never take any problem as granted as they know nothing is easy, they solve every problem with a solution of Never giving up
Senior quotes 25
Stepping up on several ladders and rising higher by facing problems is life and this makes you a senior.
Senior quotes 24
A senior is bold and confident, this is what he achieved from his past
Senior quotes 23
A successful person becomes a senior of the rest as he gives more importance to his dreams rather than his comfort.
Senior quotes 22
Seniors don’t rag juniors; instead they are busy in building their own dreams meanwhile juniors learn from them
Senior quotes 21
Yesterdays are important to learn for a better tomorrow.
Senior quotes 20
Seniors become seniors by taking the experiences from the past to make good memories in future
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