Unique, Positive And Inspirational Short Quotes

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How to describe an idea shortly?

Short is always cute

Words often get in the way of creativity so it’s no surprise that the word “idea” often gets in the way of ideas.  


Even the briefest of outlines can help organize a thought process.

Construction of a paragraph is worth studying.When you’re writing an essay, for example, your topic sentence needs to lead a reader into a place, followed by supporting details or explanations.Once it is done, move on.

Going into too much depth or unnecessary detail will lose a reader, or bore them, or sound redundant.

Write like you talk

Some writers feel the best way to get their ideas on paper is to start with an oral representation.

You might try to dictate or narrate into a recording device or software program like Dragon to hear what you are saying and then proceed to write or have the software do it for you.

What you produce will still require your editing and proofreading, but it will help you find a language tone that is suitable for your audience.

Mind your tone

Your words express who you are, your character and personality.

Never has this been more true than today when so much of our communication happens through writing, whether you’re texting, posting on Facebook, or writing an essay or a blog post.

Not only does your written work have to be pin-perfect in spelling and grammar, but it has to say something and leave the reader with an impression.

Ever had an email that you felt was yelling at you? Why was that? Could it have been the bold underlining and the excessive use of exclamation marks? Sometimes, additions like this are useful, and create a sense of urgency, but likewise, not using the right tone can leave your message flat and unimpressive.

Find a tone that works for the message or information you are trying to convey and test it out orally, or in print on someone objective, before publishing.

Use Imagery

Whether you picture a place, a person or an object, your ability to describe it clearly has to transpire to your reader. Use a physical approach: describe a person top to bottom, an event in chronological order, and an object in a tactile or sensory way.

If you think your words will leave the reader with the same picture in their mind that you had in yours to begin with, you have succeeded!

Share inner thoughts and voices

Sometimes the best way to express yourself is through feelings rather than concrete ideas.

Novelists have an ability to take what a character is thinking and use it to further develop them and their actions.

Answer questions

If you can put yourself in the position of the reader, perhaps you will find that what you’re writing poses certain questions.

Explaining and describing the necessary information will engage your reader. However, take care to not extend beyond the concise and relevant details.

Change Perspectives

Often your thoughts can be developed with better with a change in perspective. Say you’re writing about… home organization.

Don’t just think of yourself as the harried housewife with too much clutter, but perhaps the busy executive who walks in the door and adds to the mess every day.

Expressing yourself in the written form is not easy. Even the greatest writers past and present have their frustrations.

Learning to understand that writing is a process, always changing and moving, a living thing is some ways, is to understand that it is a form of communication that represents us when we are not there to be ourselves.

Find the right words until less is more becomes your mantra.

It is very nice to have a good friend in life. Enjoy life with doing some unusual things. Improve your personality by learning. Life is full of excitement.


Enjoy life with great pleasure. Have fun staying with family and celebrate functions with great pleasure. Always think positive.


Stars shines can see only in darkness, likewise, your success is seen after your hard work only.


Have faith in yourself. Be positive. Never think negative. Help others you will get without asking. You are the boss. Have confidence in yourself. Never cheat others.


It is very good to have good friends. Love someone in life. How you feel about yourself. Don't make your life disturb.


Never cheat others. Stop making excuses. Never ever hate family members or friend. You are a person who is going to change your surrounding.


Life is too short to think too much.


Disagreements are fine, disrespect is not.


You are everything whether there will be next life i will only choose you


Be the person where happiness exist and people enjoy your company


Live the Life where no interruptions no objections no arguments free from everything and full of life to everyone


Be the person with your own rules and regulations never be puppet of anyone


Let us go somewhere far away where knows us and there would be peace and love only


I am a quite lion not a barking dog.


Self-discipline is Self Pride!


A hard day's work is an accomplishment.


There will be differences between man and women but , It is the duty of every man to respect her . ( That is the think for showing of your charecter or behaviour ) .


The one who is afraid of your strength will be eager to know about your weakness! So,Ensure your strength. Hide your weakness.


When others are being fake and pretended to be good, I am proud to show my own face!


You are truly growing when you start respecting perspective of others rather than judging them.


"If you spend time carelessly that time never be come your life again, so utilise time carefully."


Lets make our positives win over our negatives.


They may think of me as a mad or crazy one. But, for me.. I am a jolly good fellow.


"It is better to know the best way of doing things. "Perfection is the art of a purist.


We met as strangers and end up making friends but now we are again strangers with memories.