Singing Quotes - You will hardly find anyone who straight out dislikes music. Although everyone has their individual preference when it comes to their favorite music genre, our love for music can never be denied. It is something that binds us together. While we all appreciate and enjoy hearing songs, only a bunch of us are blessed with good singing prowess. Sometimes you are born with the voice of an angel and you have the power to captivate the audience simply with the melody. These rare gems not only make us happy with their talent but are an inspiration for all those budding singers and music-lovers. There are many famous singing quotes that can help you to refine your gift of music so that you can one day become a successful vocalist.


Going through quotes said by them will give you a better perspective about the inner workings of their creative mind. Songs are much more than simply words and melody; they are a representation of emotions. What better way to understand them than knowing about it from people who are pioneers in the field!


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Singing Quotes

Heartbreaks leads us to the excellent path of singing.
Singing quotes 144
Some days you don’t have a song in your mind, but do sing out all your worries.
Singing quotes 143
Birds have a song which they repeat forever, and their forever is also far far better.
Singing quotes 142
God has given you the voice to sing all your emotions with some creations
Singing quotes 141
Music is my cure and singing is my therapist
Singing quotes 140
Bird teach us the best sound to sing around, they fly all above the ground
Singing quotes 139
When you generally can’t talk it out you sing it out
Singing quotes 138
Singing can be more beautiful when done after struggle
Singing quotes 137
Maybe I can’t fly but I can sing my heart out.
Singing quotes 136
Singing brings all the peace when done, Because then your all problems are gone
Singing quotes 135
Singing shows the depth of your mind, Just stay calm and be kind.
Singing quotes 134
Singing is my medicine to my pain, Because it doesn’t make me insane
Singing quotes 133
She sang all her issues out in bloody night, she gave a good fight
Singing quotes 132
Maybe my heart wants more to sing out my emotions, because it shows my imaginations.
Singing quotes 131
When we sing together everything seems so better.
Singing quotes 130
Sing your way out, don’t shout and shout.
Singing quotes 129
Singing doesn required any reason, Its your own treasure.
Singing quotes 128
Trees will sing to you at night, sometimes it feels good and bright
Singing quotes 127
Sing when you are at your low stage, Take out all your rage
Singing quotes 126
You sing melodious when you have music in your blood, because everytime it flow it makes a tune
Singing quotes 125
My life fell into a place when I sing, because it brings joy with it
Singing quotes 124
Singing is my way of expression, it takes out my all agression
Singing quotes 123
Music and singing can heal your soul, It saves you from a great fall.
Singing quotes 122
Singing must be natural and pure, because sometimes it can be your cure.
Singing quotes 121
Always sing your own song, because you must know where you belong
Singing quotes 120
Life is a song of good and bad tunes tuned together forever
Singing quotes 119
Drop dead singing makes you feel all above heaven, because passion takes you there
Singing quotes 118