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Smoking quotes

Tobacco smoking  is the practice of smoking or inhaling the smoke of tobacco.

These tobacco consists of particles and gaseous substances.

To put it another way, it is simply the process of inhaling the smoke and then releasing them out.

It addition to this,they usually do with the help of tobacco pipes and cigars 

The habit of smoking begins as early as 5000-6000 BC especially in Mesoamerica and South America.

European colonists began this habit which spread all over the world.

By comparison,the ancient people exported as well as imported many varieties of tobacco.

people all over the world consumes tobacco in a very large quantity.

The inhaled active substances get through the alveoli in the lungs or the oral mucosa. 

These things may give pleasures today but it will cause many harmful diseases to our body

Smoking cigars not only affect the active smokers but also the passive smokers.

Potassium and nitrates are the substances which are responsible for the combustion

Cigarettes help people to have a  high level of nicotine which reaches the brain very quickly. 

And gives pleasures to them

Nicotine takes five to ten seconds to reach the brain.

This makes the users  very hard to give up this habit.

In like manner, these compounds are very much used in cigar,pipes and the like.

The over consumption of these chemical compounds lead to Heart attack,increases heart rate as well as the blood pressure.

People who consume this, will die very soon mainly because of Tuberculosis,heart attack and the like.

In India,many smokers begin this habit during adolescence,or their early adulthood.

Smoking by parents,cousins,friends encourage the students to smoke in their early age.

Smoking cause injuries to health:

To repeat,the smoke which you inhale through mouth and then through alveoli may cause dangerous diseases

This will result in Lung cancer or the respiratory disease which reduces lung function and its growth.

Similarly, it reduces physical fitness too

This will affect you not only emotionally but also mentally.

Some people start smoking because it will help them cope with negative feelings and emotions 

It is not long-lasting but a temporary one

New Heart Disease study tells that,smoking just one cigarette a day can kill you.

Hence,it has that much power.

If you want peace, you can go to the Church, Temple,Mosque and the like

How to quit smoking?

Giving up this kind of dangerous habit is not easy.

One should take the daily routine of cigar and at the same level of practices to forget this addiction.

If they try to forget them totally at a time,they have to face the consequences of cigar as well as pipes.

The process have to very slow and steady

We can quit smoking by the following ways,

First of all,Preparing for the quit day

Second,having some NRTs

Third,Considering Non-Nicotine medications

Fourth,Seek behavioral support 

Finally,Try alternative therapies

In conclusion,these are some of the alternatives which will help us to get rid of the problem of smoking.

Besides that,students conduct many awareness programs and rally in order to make people aware.

Quotes about smoking

Mark Twain states,"Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know I have done  it thousands of times". 

We can put it another way,he concludes that it is the hardest thing where he uses irony to describe the fact.

To conclude,try to avoid all these life-killers and let us all unite our hands together and kick this dirt from our country.

Best smoking quotes

1. Life turns colorless as smoke when you smoke every day.

2. Every cigarette might not be their pleasure, it might be their loss.

3. Flames burn and ashes fall to make you look cool outside but your lungs burn and health falls inside.

4. Each puff takes apart from you that was given by your mother.

5. Just two fingers would bring you up with a pen and the same fingers destruct you with a cigarette.

6. Your one-time attempt to stop smoking is rather a marathon than a sprint.

7. Just a two cm cigar can kill a six feet tall man.

8. Not only smoking shortens your life span but also ruins your happiness where you are alive.

9. Coward people smoke and only courage helps to quit it.

10. We are in the worst stage when a country’s economy depends on people’s destruction (smoking).

11. Smoking may impress others but it depresses your soul.

12. Even a positive person appears negative when he smokes.

13. It’s over when cigarettes start controlling you.

14. Smoking is 10% positive that it teaches quitting and 90% negative that it destroys you before teaching.

15. Bullying is smoking that drives you alone from others.



Smoking is Injurious for health and one has to stop smoking for better health. It is written on the Cigarette packet that Cigarette smoking is injurious for health.


Smoking kills you and damage your lungs it is written on the packets of cigarette that smoking is dangerous for health than also people are having it.


Smoking is injurious to health it is written on the packet of cigarette packets. But still, people are smoking. It damages your lungs.


Smoking is dangerous for health so don't do this and take care of yourself and enjoy life with healthy and happy life.


Smoking is dangerous for health so don't do this and take care of yourself and enjoy life with healthy and happy life.


smoking kills a man from inside.


Smoking can't give you a happy life.


"Smoking is not allowed. Smoking also affects people around you and those who around you. Cigarettes are harmful to the body. Smoking in public is also a sign of rudeness."


Saying no when asked if you want a cigarette is a revolution


One should never smoke just for the sake to look cool. You will not look cool if you get cancer from all the smoking. The packet warns against such things too. Avoid smoking for yourself as well as others.