Society is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or modes of behavior which mark them from others, who do not enter into these relations or who differ from them in behavior. A society may defined as a group of people who have lived long enough to become organized and to consider as a unit more or less distinct from other human units. Society is a union itself, the organization, the sum of formal relations in which associating individuals are bonded together.

Society is a complex of organized association and institutions with a company.A group of people who lived and worked together long enough to get themselves organized and to think of them as a social unit well defined units. A society includes Individuals , culture,groups, Religion, education, family, politics, economics, media. A society includes change and society is not static. Norms ,culture and laws change. Even mainstay ideas in our society will gradually change. Our newly revised working definition of society is  a highly structured system of human organization with interactive cultures, institutions, groups and differences. 

Look out few Society Quotes

Society Quotes

Society sometimes fake, every struggle changes a person gives a lesson
Society Quotes 94
Society is quite bad, you feel lonely, even you loved by many people, if you’re not soulful
Society Quotes 93
The worst kind of pain is, when you’re smiling just to stop the tears from falling which is given by society
Society Quotes 92
Depression is not an act, suicide isn’t a coward’s escape, self harming is not a cry for attention, stop acting like you know everything, be alive in society
Society Quotes 91
Silence is better than bullshit in This worst society
Society Quotes 90
Live positive, have the ability to handle the worsts, society needs that most
Society Quotes 89
Create your value, don’t expect to get respect from others, first respect own self
Society Quotes 88
Education in society is must, don’t give less education to children it destroys generations to genaration
Society Quotes 87
Dear society stop affecting the sensitive people, they’re leaders, they’re care givers, respect them
Society Quotes 86
Treat equally dear society, people will never love inequality, true people always hurt most, society kills them
Society Quotes 85
Dear society be civilized, create history, make yourself prosper in the fields of industry, politics, economics
Society Quotes 84
A powerful society created by a inspirational people, the people of good ideas and integrity
Society Quotes 83
A liberal society creates many new ideas, new achievers, be the achiever to make a society even more better
Society Quotes 82
Be careful while surrounding with fake people, be picky who’s the best for you, this society demands that
Society Quotes 81
Don’t think what society thinks about you, you have your own way of life, don’t compare, society always criticize
Society Quotes 80
Insanity rules the society sometimes, oversmartness fails
Society Quotes 79
Don’t judge others judge yourself, society gets bored of accepting flaws
Society Quotes 78
Dear society, be the value of everything, have the people of attitude and bravery, create your own respect
Society Quotes 77
A best society formed by true peoples, peace, value and integrity, be inspired to create better society
Society Quotes 76
Don’t be fake on society, humans tired of fake peoples, be truthful to change society a better place
Society Quotes 75
I want to create a society where dragonflies get the same love as butterflies, which means a society without beauty consciousness.
Society quotes 74
living in happiness is defined as a family then how people who do not have a family will fit into this society?
Society quotes 73
To live in a society with unity, start practicing it right from your home as small efforts will make a big change.
Society quotes 72
Religions are just a part of society, so do not form a separate society by making your religion the top priority.
Society quotes 71
Do not distinguish people in this society depending on their caste, creed, or anything as there are only two types of people who exist namely good or evil.
Society quotes 70
Remember we are just the tenants of our planet, so instead of living for free, do something good to this society as rent for the planet earth.
Society quotes 69
The character of every individual is important in forming a fearless society, as even a single characterless individual will create a great threat to other people in society.
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