Society is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or modes of behavior which mark them from others, who do not enter into these relations or who differ from them in behavior. A society may defined as a group of people who have lived long enough to become organized and to consider as a unit more or less distinct from other human units. Society is a union itself, the organization, the sum of formal relations in which associating individuals are bonded together.

Society is a complex of organized association and institutions with a company.A group of people who lived and worked together long enough to get themselves organized and to think of them as a social unit well defined units. A society includes Individuals , culture,groups, Religion, education, family, politics, economics, media. A society includes change and society is not static. Norms ,culture and laws change. Even mainstay ideas in our society will gradually change. Our newly revised working definition of society is  a highly structured system of human organization with interactive cultures, institutions, groups and differences. 

Look out few Society Quotes

Society Quotes

Society cares for individual so far as he is profitable. It helps people who are already capable of.
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Name and fame is valued higher than truth and character. Cars and houses are respected more than talents and behavior.
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Society attracts early when you are helpless, when you are falling down and when you are being criticized.
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One cannot save a nation. But if each one of us can make a positive difference and commit to ourselves we can do so.
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When you grow up, you realize you have two hands, one to help yourself and other to help others.
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Unfortunately few societies break the law which ends up in destroying an individual’s peace of mind.
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Never compromise your goals, be stubborn. But be flexible with your methods.
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Society is a massiveness made of individuals. Everything begins with you. Be the change you want to see.
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A non-judgmental society consists of good people; good people come from good values.
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Don’t let society define you, because you will be determined by your status not by your integrity.
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Do not let our judgmental society dominate your real self. Listen, learn and adapt but don’t lose yourself.
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Today’s society is grown so much that money matters more than character. Truth bothers people.
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Society is not only about what it creates but also what it refuses to destroy.
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Consider the cultural and traditional values from society not the gossips that affect your peace of mind.
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We blame the society we live in. To make it better place we must change ourselves.
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Societies now a days has a mixed culture and are more liberal as most of us belong to different cultural background.
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Society has a major role in character building and at wide, nation building.
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Society gives us the culture of the society where we live.
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Same school have students who are different in character, is mainly because of the society they are from.
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Society is a maker of a character, hence we chose to live in a better society.
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A human child brought up with beasts is bound to develop some character of the beasts.
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A wild animal when domesticated changes with the effect of the society.
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A child brought up in good society is bound to carry some character of that society, although there may be exceptions.
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A child brought up in slumps is bound to carry some character of that society, although there may be exceptions.
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It is the effect of the society which produces good or bad characters in a human being.
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Behavior of a person speaks lot about the Society, in which they are brought up.
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Society teaches us many things without our knowledge, these learnings are often called values.
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