Soulmate Quotes - A soulmate is with someone you have a genuine or deep connection. The term "soulmate" is now commonly use to describe a romantic or platonic partner, with the idea of a lifetime commitment. The sense of being the strongest link that one may have with another individual. It is widely assume that after one has found their soulmate, they will feel 'complete,' as it is primarily in the perceive concept that two souls are mean to merge.


Soulmate is someone with whom you feel intimately attached but not in a dependent or needy way. Because a soulmate connection should challenge you to evolve from selfishness to giving, the driving concept in a relationship between soulmates is that needs are address equally.


Soulful Soulmate Quotes

Soulmate Quotes

When life is all dark but you have just one person lights it up , that one is your soulmate you never leaves you in any odds!
Soulmate Quotes 157
Spending a life is something that's without you, but living a life is something that's possible only with you!
Soulmate Quotes 156
Every moment with you is a blessing, you are my better half, on which I can rely wholeheartedly.
Soulmate Quotes 155
A soulmate loves your every imperfection and help you out through every odd situation
Soulmate Quotes 154
My heart skips a beat whenever you are close, don't know what type of connection it is, but I feel you in every corner of this world.
Soulmate Quotes 153
Smile on your face gives me happiness, tears on your face turn my life into sorrow, I want to be with you, yesterday,today and tomorrow!
Soulmate Quotes 152
Life gave me you, to complete my emptiness and fill up all the space with happiness and joy
Soulmate Quotes 151
I didn't knew what soulmate actually mean before I met you, For me, you are definition of a soulmate!
Soulmate Quotes 150
Having someone in front of whom you can pour out your heart without even uttering a word! Yes you have found your soulmate!
Soulmate Quotes 149
You are the best thing happened to my life, you are my life, you are my soulmate!
Soulmate Quotes 148
Looks aren't the matter, soul is what matters, you are a pure one!
Soulmate Quotes 147
I don't need many, I just need you, I love the day when my soul met you!
Soulmate Quotes 146
Whole world judge me, you are the safest place, I forget everything when I am in your embrace
Soulmate Quotes 145
Two lost souls met and found home in eachother, same as you met me!
Soulmate Quotes 144
My breath requires your presence, my heart requires your warmth, you are my life!
Soulmate Quotes 143
You not only complete me, you inspire me to be a better person, better lover and better partner!
Soulmate Quotes 142
Some people are so amazing that having them beside makes the whole universe seem beautiful!
Soulmate Quotes 141
Having you in my life is the best feeling I can ever have!
Soulmate Quotes 140
Being with you feels with right, being with you feels safe, you make me feel like home!
Soulmate Quotes 139
World has millions of words, for you just have three, I love you!
Soulmate Quotes 138
Looks attracts, soul connects.
Soulmate Quotes 137
You made me realise that I was looking out for the things that didn't meant for me, my heart was always something that belongs to you!
Soulmate Quotes 136
Life without a soulmate is empty and incomplete, half body, half soul.
Soulmate Quotes 135
Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I always have you in my mind. You are my constant!
Soulmate Quotes 134
Can't be explained, can't be shown, our bond is something that we can only be feeled.
Soulmate Quotes 133
Our souls interact, they have conversations that words. Cannot describe.
Soulmate Quotes 132
Meeting someone who is as crazy as you, understands your each breath, finding such person who is your soulmate, is the best feeling ever
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