On Earth, space begins 100 km above sea level,  Space can neither be created nor destroyed. All of the planets, stars, galaxies and other objects are found in space. In space there is no air so sounds can't be heard. The Universe contains billions of galaxies, which have billions of stars. The space between the stars and galaxies is largely empty. Space is also having radiation magnetic fields and high energies. it would take 100,000 years to cross our Milky Way galaxy alone. 

 Planets: There are eight planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. 


Stars: Star is an atom of light elements which form together as glowing balls. The nearest Star to earth is the Sun.


Sun : Sun is the center Star of the solar system. It is a hot ball with a surface temperature of 5,778 K. Distance from earth to the Sun is 149.6 million km. The core is at the center and It is the hottest region.


Galaxies: A galaxy is a large collection of gas, dust, and numerous stars and their solar systems, are together by gravity. Our planet earth is the second largest and it is present in the milky way galaxy.


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Space Quotes

The moon at night looks heavenly in between the stars.
Space Quotes 120
We are taking several risks on Earth so the same risks can be taken in joining space travel.
Space Quotes 119
Earth is fragile, and those who have gone to space only can say this.
Space Quotes 118
Most astronauts are not risk takers, they are space explorers.
Space Quotes 117
Imagining vastness of space and beauty of Earth is just next to impossible.
Space Quotes 116
People don’t fly a rocket instead they float in space at that time.
Space Quotes 115
Stars seem to be the poetries of the whole universe.
Space Quotes 114
Going to space is like exploring the whole universe where you are living.
Space Quotes 113
We all living beings belong to this entire solar system.
Space Quotes 112
Only at night we can have the experience of floating in space by looking at the sky.
Space Quotes 111
Stars that are hung in the sky look so beautiful at night.
Space Quotes 110
The universe is like an amazing shape which is dancing around space-time.
Space Quotes 109
The stars have everlasting oil filled in their lamps, hence they always give us light.
Space Quotes 108
The space has so many things. Asteroids, satellites, planets, stars and what not.
Space Quotes 107
Earth is big, but there are many other big planets in the solar system.
Space Quotes 106
No one can imagine how big and huge this universe is!
Space Quotes 105
Space is eternal. We will die one day but the space will remain there forever.
Space Quotes 104
We are not from earth, we are from the solar system.
Space Quotes 103
Those who dream to go to space, they dream of something big to achieve.
Space Quotes 102
Eyes are small but not the universe and its beauty.
Space Quotes 101
Thinking about space gives me a feeling of adventure, imagine how it would be in exploring.
Space Quotes 100
You have little eyes but you have the power to see this huge universe through them.
Space Quotes 99
Sky is not the limit because space is there to explore.
Space Quotes 98
Universe is so much, on the other hand time is so less.
Space Quotes 97
Space needs to be known by people how amazing it is.
Space Quotes 96
Space is something incredible which every single person wants to discover.
Space Quotes 95
Everyone wants to go to space. But everyone is not lucky.
Space Quotes 94