There comes a time when you feel like there is nothing more to life; you feel weak and miserable. It is something we all have to face and getting out of that darkness may not be easy at times. The loss of your loved one, getting fired from a job, broken relationship- there could be endless reasons behind that feeling of hopelessness. What actually matters is your will to regain your strength and truly believe that this too shall pass. For the days when waking up in the morning feels like an impossible task, make it a habit to motivate yourself with some stay strong quotes and eventually you will see positive results.


Wish someone to stay strong by using these stay strong quotes

Stay Strong Quotes

Life isn’t for the weak ones. The human power is higher than any other creature. Wake up, believe in yourself, keep trying, you’ll deserve more than you imagined.
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In darkness you find light, in storms the path gets clear. Life is how we see it. Challenges are opportunities that make you grow.
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Beyond infinite reasons to breakdown, find one reason to hold on. That’s when life becomes meaningful.
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Staying calm is the super power to becoming strong. Sometimes smile and silence is the best reply.
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To not dare is to lose one self. Dare is for the one who is strong enough to fight against the odd.
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The path to success is having self-control towards your desires and focusing only on goals.
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The measure of a man is judged when he is undergoing challenges and controversy.
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The weak give up. The strong will remain at the same place and never go under.
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A man can be perfected only by trails. Never regret for the failures you come across, they are indicators for your success.
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When you think of quitting turn back and ask yourself why have you come this far.
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Prove them wrong for what they said you can’t achieve. Make the impossible, possible.
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Strongest souls are emerged from suffering. The most immense characters have seared with scars.
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Every life deserves its own dignity for the shell that it carries. Believe in you. Stay strong for everything will fall into place.
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Nothing can stay forever. After the storm comes calm after the war comes peace. It might seem difficult now, but it will disappear.
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Your real strength doesn’t come when you are at the comfort zone it comes when you are fighting the battle.
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