There comes a time when you feel like there is nothing more to life; you feel weak and miserable. It is something we all have to face and getting out of that darkness may not be easy at times. The loss of your loved one, getting fired from a job, broken relationship- there could be endless reasons behind that feeling of hopelessness. What actually matters is your will to regain your strength and truly believe that this too shall pass. For the days when waking up in the morning feels like an impossible task, make it a habit to motivate yourself with some stay strong quotes and eventually you will see positive results.


Wish someone to stay strong by using these stay strong quotes

Stay Strong Quotes

Don’t take criticism in a negative way, it enhances you to be strong enough to handle any worst circumstances.
Stay strong quotes 105
Trees give us a lesson to stay strong and never give up by being in a place yet helping us in many ways.
Stay strong quotes 104
Sky's the limit, so never give up and atleast start walking.
Stay strong quotes 103
You are so strong that you already won your life when you took your first breathe.
Stay strong quotes 102
Stop giving 1000 reasons to give up, and start giving 1 reason to be strong instead.
Stay strong quotes 101
If you are strong enough to handle hard situations with full presence of mind, no one can stop you achieve your goals.
Stay strong quotes 100
It’s up to you whether you want to give up and destroy all your dreams and goals, or stay strong and finally achieve it.
Stay strong quotes 99
Giving up only messes up your life more and more, so stay enough strong and make it much easy.
Stay strong quotes 98
Life has uncountable reasons to disappoint you, break you, but you can show infinity reasons to stay strong.
Stay strong quotes 97
If someone has tried 100 times to bring you down, show them 200 times that how strong you are.
Stay strong quotes 96
You will never know how strong you are until you accept it that you really are.
Stay strong quotes 95
Stay strong enough that even if you cry whole night, the next morning you should wake up fully fresh like you slept whole night peacefully.
Stay strong quotes 94
A little hope gives us strength to be strong today for the hard times coming tomorrow
Stay strong quotes 93
Things start getting better when you feel strong, motivated and have courage to fight each and every storm in your life.
Stay strong quotes 92
Whenever you feel down, just close your eyes, take a deep breathe, and tell yourself that it’s ok you will handle it, you are strong enough.
Stay strong quotes 91
Sometimes the situations make us think that everything is over, but at that time we should stand up, look up, and never give up.
Stay strong quotes 90
You are stronger than any difficult situation in the world. Always remember that.
Stay strong quotes 89
Hard times don’t define you, the thing which defines you is how you deal with it, whether you give up or still stay strong.
Stay strong quotes 88
Giving up after falling is easy but worthless and being strong in any hard situation is much difficult but worthy.
Stay strong quotes 87
Not everyone can always stay strong after falling, it’s a rare quality which brings a person to the greatest heights.
Stay strong quotes 86
Being strong doesn’t only mean handling any hard situation, it means handling it with a calm and smart mind.
Stay strong quotes 85
No one can pull you down if you are strong enough and hardworking.
Stay strong quotes 84
Keep your head up to the sky and stay strong and motivated.
Stay strong quotes 83
You are responsible for all your dreams and goals no one is going to achieve it for you, stay focused on your goals and never give up.
Stay strong quotes 82
Stay strong, stay positive you will achieve your goals for sure.
Stay strong quotes 81
Never give up on yourself, your dreams and passion, just focus on them and stay strong.
Stay strong quotes 80
Always believe in your hardwork and dedication they will never let you down, Stay strong and never give up.
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