A strong woman allows herself to harness her power more often than not, as it will help her live a better life and support those around her. She understands the strength of those around her, and she empowers everyone who surrounds her with loving words and self-confident actions. Every woman on the planet has a unique power that’s unique to her. She has the strength to stand up for herself and not be afraid of what others have to say. A strong woman also knows she is worth more than her body allows her to do, and when she wants something, she takes it.


Women's Empowerment Women's empowerment can be characterized as enhancing women's self-esteem and ability to make their own decisions. She knows that she is worthy of everything and acknowledges that she is deserving of everything.


A woman who tries to improve herself in every aspect and uplifts those around her. Here are some strong women quotes to be much stronger

Strong Women Quotes

I might be a wander lust but for the battles fought I am a remarkable survivor.
strong women quotes 40
Some may fear the fire, strong woman turn out to be. You can either burn along with her or you just stay away.
strong women quotes 39
I’m not a bird to be admired in the nest: I am an eagle to touch the clouds.
strong women quotes 38
Never try to test the capacity of women; she dares to prove you wrong.
strong women quotes 37
She has crossed miles nobody could imagine. It was the journey that made her strong.
strong women quotes 36
A strong woman doesn’t carry a heavy make-up and costly dress; she is beautiful with the courage and attitude she carries.
strong women quotes 35
Pain and past shapes a woman into a fighter. She stands high on the stones thrown at her.
strong women quotes 34
Don’t judge a woman on her looks and laugh; you never know how hard she is when you treat her wrong.
strong women quotes 33
Women’s are strong than men, as they don’t give up. Once she finds the fire inside her, she is peerless.
strong women quotes 32
A woman becomes stronger when she rebuilds herself, like the water that turns into ice cubes.
strong women quotes 31
There is nothing to stop a woman what she can accomplish. Don’t limit yourself. You deserve to go beyond the world thinks.
strong women quotes 30
Strong women will have the strength to rise. Stronger women will have the power to raise others.
strong women quotes 29
The moment a women feels unwanted she doesn’t take effort in fixing it, she gently walks away.
strong women quotes 28
Women fight against challenges, a strong women fight against fear.
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A strong women tries to figure out what respect is, because she know it’s beautiful than attraction.
strong women quotes 26
She is not ordinary, she's smart in head, courageous in heart, strong and unbreakable.
strong women quotes 25
Even a strong woman does mistake, but she'll forget her mistake and remember the lesson
strong women quotes 24
Her heads are down, only to take a look at her pretty shoes.
strong women quotes 23
Be careful, a women with brain can destroy a man with success.
strong women quotes 22
The best thing about a women is, being strong than being pretty.
strong women quotes 21
Never trust a women who is silent, nobody knows when she would explode.
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A strong woman won't doubt herself, she's confident that she's good enough.
strong women quotes 19
Tell a women she can't do it, she'll show you, she can do it better than you.
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Strong women never invest on emotions and pains, she's on her own business.
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When the whole world becomes silent, be that one strong person to raise your voice.
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A strong woman stand and deal, rather than looking pity on herself.
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Be the kind of women who has the capacity to fix herself.
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