Summer Quotes - Warmest Season the Year. The temperature rose to extremely high levels throughout this season. Summers generally last from mid- to late-March to June, but due to monsoon delays, they can sometimes last into the first week of July. When the earth tilts towards the sun, the summer season begins, and when the earth tilts away from the sun, the winter season begins. When summer arrives in the northern hemisphere, winter arrives in the southern hemisphere. The days are longer and the nights are shorter throughout the summer.

Summer is a favorite season among children because it is their vacation time and schools are closed. During the summer, consuming water and juice can be beneficial. During this season, small ponds, rivers, and wells dry up. The groundwater level drops, and in some locations, even drought conditions exist. To summarize, summer is neither a bad nor a nice season; rather, it is the polar opposite. Staying healthy and hydrated is the greatest way to avoid the burning heat of the sun, and applying various lotions can help prevent sunburn and irritation.

Here are some warmest summer quotes

Summer Quotes