Sweet Love Quotes - To say that ‘Love’ is an emotion which can never be completely described with words, won’t be wrong. For some, it is that passionate, all-consuming feeling while for others, it is about enjoying simple experiences of life with your best friend. Jealousy, heartbreak, misunderstandings and loneliness can be some of the unpleasant parts of a relationship but all you need is love to conquer every hardship. There might be several ways to make your companion feel loved but sending her sweet love quotes is a sure shot ploy to strengthen your bond.  Love quotes are an easy option to uplift your mood instantly.


For couples struggling to maintain their long-distance relationships, a romantic yet effective solution could be sending them a good morning text with a sweet quote.

Sweet Love Quotes

You are everything I want , I LOVE YOU.
Sweet Love Quotes 160
Be with someone who brings out the best in you , not the stress in you.
Sweet Love Quotes 159
Your cute smile is all I need to battle all struggles in my life.
Sweet Love Quotes 158
Marry me as soon as possible , I can’t live without you.
Sweet Love Quotes 157
I was born for you, to live this one life with you.
Sweet Love Quotes 156
Your eyes attract me more than the attraction of opposite poles of magnets.
Sweet Love Quotes 155
He will never flirt with other girls when he already have you.
Sweet Love Quotes 154
She will always be naughty with the person , whom she loves the most.
Sweet Love Quotes 153
They say about the turning point in life , well my turning point is when I met you for the first time.
Sweet Love Quotes 152
Love is not about attraction and lust it’s about care and trust.
Sweet Love Quotes 151
In the era of breakups , I want someone who hold my hands and never give up.
Sweet Love Quotes 150
No one will take your place , I will never allow anyone to take your place.
Sweet Love Quotes 149
I don’t watch motivational videos to get discipline , rather your love made me more disciplined .
Sweet Love Quotes 148
Love is all about the caring you give to each other.
Sweet Love Quotes 147
Love is not only about kissing & hugging , its about how we react to each other situation at worst.
Sweet Love Quotes 146
I thank God for each day for giving the greatest creation like you.
Sweet Love Quotes 145
If a person loves you at your worst then don’t let them go.
Sweet Love Quotes 144
Some have best friends , some have soulmates but I have both in you.
Sweet Love Quotes 143
I wanted you to know that all my life I’ve waited for you.
Sweet Love Quotes 142
If you want to know how much I love you , count the stars in the sky.
Sweet Love Quotes 141
Every day I’m smiling for no reason , then I realized I was thinking of you.
Sweet Love Quotes 140
I haven’t fallen in love with your beauty , but I have fallen in love with your soul.
Sweet Love Quotes 139
Love is an art that comes from the heart.
Sweet Love Quotes 138
I couldn’t express the feelings in words that you gave me.
Sweet Love Quotes 137
My mouth sings my favorite song whenever I see you.
Sweet Love Quotes 136
I start falling in love with you when I saw your beauty from your heart.
Sweet Love Quotes 135
I only get jealous because I LOVE YOU , and I don’t want anyone to have you.
Sweet Love Quotes 134