Swimming is the act of propelling oneself over water for the purpose of leisure, sport, fitness, or rescue. Humans have the ability to retain their breath underwater. Because the human body is less thick than water, water can sustain the weight of the upper body while swimming. Swimmers can do workouts like crouching before diving into the pool. By warming up the quadriceps, crouching aids in improving a swimmer's launch. Swimming is done in a variety of ways, referred as 'strokes.' they are Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly are the four primary techniques. That is also pursued as a profession or a hobby.


Benefits of swimming


Swimming is one of the most calming activities; water is known to soothe and aid in stress reduction and is a great way to tone and improve muscles.it helps to minimize the negative consequences of stress. Swimming can also help patients with heart conditions and chronic medical conditions improve their health. Swimming is beneficial to one's health when done on a regular basis. aid elderly people by increasing their quality of life and lowering their impairment. It is utilized to save people in the water who have fallen into a body of water by purpose or by accident. It has military applications as well as being used in marine biology to view plants and animals in their natural environment.




Swimming is a sport that everyone enjoys, especially children, and there are numerous schools that give lessons during the summer. it is not only a fun sport to participate in, but it may also benefit your fitness. Swimming is an excellent kind of activity that aids in the burning of fats. It engages a wide range of muscle groups and provides an excellent cardio workout.


Swimming is a global sport as well. some of the swimming quotes follows

Swimming Quotes

Swimming shows you the real importance of each and every breath. It makes us feel alive every second.
Swimming quotes 60
Stay cool, swim more. Be passionate from your heart’s core.
Swimming quotes 59
Dream like the ocean and live like you are swimming.
Swimming quotes 58
Hold you breath and keep swimming. You are almost there.
Swimming quotes 57
Swimming is the best way of me time, it lets you feel each second
Swimming quotes 56
Keep enjoying, keep swimming. It’s the fun way of resting.
Swimming quotes 55
People who love water can never say no to swimming, it’s their first love.
Swimming quotes 54
Don’t stop swimming, you are not done yet.
Swimming quotes 53
Swim everyday, it’s the best refreshment from a life full of struggle
Swimming quotes 52
The best way to live is to swim all the problems away.
Swimming quotes 51
There’s no age to swim. Keep swimming, keep breathing
Swimming quotes 50
Never give up on swimming. Keep practising because it’s the only way to be satisfied.
Swimming quotes 49
Swimming into the sea under bright sunshine makes us realise about how beautiful and chill tis life is
Swimming quotes 48
Underwater swimming takes to to another world, you can call it as underworld.
Swimming quotes 47
Swimming is the best way to get slim. Skipping meals is not necessary for fishes.
Swimming quotes 46
Swimming is the only exercise that never makes you tired.
Swimming quotes 45
No matter how tired you are, swimming will still help you relax.
Swimming quotes 44
Don’t give up and keep swimming, life has no sea shores.
Swimming quotes 43
Swimming takes you to another world, a world that’s light and floats on positivity.
Swimming quotes 42
Swimming can make you forget all the tensions, it cools out the hot coals of mind
Swimming quotes 41
A tough work is like getting into a pool’s cool water, but once you get into it then it seems easy.
Swimming quotes 40
Swimming is the best exercise for our body, it makes us active and ready
Swimming quotes 39
Swimming makes us feel light within. The weight of stress feels nothing
Swimming quotes 38
If a swimmer expects progress then struggle into water is the only way towards it.
Swimming quotes 37
Just hold your breath and keep swimming, you will definitely reach the other end.
Swimming quotes 36
A swimming pool is as relaxing as our own house.
Swimming quotes 35
Gills are not required, swimming gives us feeling of a fish.
Swimming quotes 34