Sympathy is an emotion or a sentiment. That includes paying attention to a subject, feeling that a person or group is in need, understanding the precise aspects of a situation and can be sensed more easily with undivided attention, and sympathy be felt in certain circumstances without it. It had also thought to be based on the concept of the strong aiding the weak, such as the children, aged, and disabled. Personal emotions, earlier encounters, peer interaction, uniqueness, sensitivity, and physical contact can all affect one's sympathy feeling.


People can convey their feelings of sympathy most clearly through oral communication. they  show sympathy by addressing the emotions they are encountering. Facial expressions, physical gestures, and physical intimacy between people are examples of nonverbal cues. In both social and moral growth, sympathy is a staging post. This underlines the importance of being able to recognize emotional responses. People are more likely to assist those who are in need.


The development of sympathy and other complex emotions is strongly related to the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others. Because they include more than just one's own emotional states, these emotions are complicated. Emotional care requires the ability to imagine how another individual thinks.


Sympathy also encourages charitable giving and volunteer work. The amount of welfare donated to persons and countries in need can be influenced by human sympathy in giving behavior.

Sympathy Quotes

That was a joy to be able to work alongside him. We will never forget their kind spirit. Sending love & care.
Sympathy Quotes 80
I'm deeply sorry to hear about passing your loved one. Stay strong. Their memory will forever live in our hearts.
Sympathy Quotes 79
My deepest sympathy for your loss, I'll hold the memories of your fathers close to my heart.
Sympathy Quotes 78
I am thinking of you and your family and sending our love and caring thoughts to support you through this.
Sympathy Quotes 77
Me and my family Wishing you peace, comfort, courage and lots of love at this time of sorrow.
Sympathy Quotes 76
I'm not sure what to say in such a difficult loss. Just want you to know that I care about you.
Sympathy Quotes 75
Rocky was a good fellow, So sorry you've had to say goodbye to him.
Sympathy Quotes 74
I hope it will help a little to hear how much he was loved by others, He was a loving soul.
Sympathy Quotes 73
Your father held you down and lifted you into this world. I hope you can feel his love around you.
Sympathy Quotes 72
I remember how You felt to laugh with her and be loved by her. I hope memories will bring comfort in life.
Sympathy Quotes 71
I wish I could be there to honor your dad along with you. He was a great Soul.
Sympathy Quotes 70
Life can take away a friend from us, But not that of having had one.
Sympathy Quotes 69
Sometimes we lose people in our journey, But the death can't separate our hearts.
Sympathy Quotes 68
In life The Death of someone special teaches us about the worth of memories to live with.
Sympathy Quotes 67
I know going through these days is not easy, But you are the one who is doing it.
Sympathy Quotes 66
I find it so confusing how grief can make time long, Yet stand still and forever.
Sympathy Quotes 65
Grief has a hold on you so tight that it is stopping your thoughts, Stay strong! Sun will rise again.
Sympathy Quotes 64
Even though your soul is weeping constant tears, Believe me you would want to see you children smile.
Sympathy Quotes 63
When sadness overtakes our heart we fall in darkness but your angel is with you. Stay strong.
Sympathy Quotes 62
We can't control everything in life but remember I am with you and will be forever.
Sympathy Quotes 61
In life we meet a few people whose absence of presence is more powerful than existence.
Sympathy Quotes 60
What's coming is always better than what is gone my dear.
Sympathy Quotes 59
Lament and love are Blended -- you don't get one without another.
Sympathy Quotes 58
Her life was a blessing to us and her memory is a treasure. Sending you love and care.
Sympathy Quotes 57
At first we need them, then they need us. Wishing you comfort and peace during this difficult time
Sympathy Quotes 56
Don't be sad on being failed for something. We don't just fail, we also learn from failures.
Sympathy Quotes 55
Don't think too much about age. We don't get older, we get better with time.
Sympathy Quotes 54