Tattoo Quotes - A tattoo is a mark or design made by injecting ink or pigmentation into the skin's dermis layer, which can be temporary or permanent. Tattooing is the art of tattoo. Some tattoos include religious symbols, logo, names of loved ones, and even photos. Tattoos have been used to label slaves, captives, and other criminals in olden history.


Tattoos are works of art. It's a statement of style. People desired a way to express themselves and forge their own identities.


Quotes can also be tattooed on the skin, however when it comes to a permanent tattoo, picking the ideal quote is crucial. So, here are a few tattoo phrases that are both motivating and encouraging.

Tattoo Quotes

A tattoo gives you strength to bear pain to any extent.
Tattoo Quotes 85
Needles hurt, bodies bleed, tears drop, but the best part is it’s worth it when it’s done.
Tattoo Quotes 84
Decorations are necessary to make something more valuable and beautiful. The same goes for our bodies.
Tattoo Quotes 83
If you understand the real meaning of my tattoos, you will understand me.
Tattoo Quotes 82
Every tattoo is like a life partner. It's a hard decision to choose with whom you want to spend your whole life.
Tattoo Quotes 81
My passion for tattoos is so great that it feels like I have no more blood left to flow in my blood vessels; it’s all ink.
Tattoo Quotes 80
Tattoos make you different from others. It is better than being a part of the crowd.
Tattoo Quotes 79
Tattoos are like modifying your body, just like getting your car modified, making it more attractive.
Tattoo Quotes 78
I believe in life-long commitments, so I got tattoos.
Tattoo Quotes 77
Passionate and strong people have tattoos; indecisive people use stickers that can be easily removed.
Tattoo Quotes 76
My tattoos are important to me because my emotions are attached to them. Otherwise, no one is that stupid to get so much pain without any reason.
Tattoo Quotes 75
Every tattoo has a story, so go on and write your own novel.
Tattoo Quotes 74
The pain of getting a tattoo enhances your strength, making you stronger to go through more painful situations that life brings.
Tattoo Quotes 73
The true meaning of a tattoo stays alive only when you are alive from within to enjoy it.
Tattoo Quotes 72
Tough guys have mostly faded tattoos.
Tattoo Quotes 71
They work so hard that every tattoo on the body gets faded.
Tattoo Quotes 70
A tattoo can never be your outfit; it can't be changed daily. It’s a part of you.
Tattoo Quotes 69
The body is a canvas representing your life, so fill it up with your colourful experiences.
Tattoo Quotes 68
Self-love is important. Enhance it with some ink.
Tattoo Quotes 67
Be a designer of your body and carry your hard work throughout your life.
Tattoo Quotes 66
Painting your body with colourful inks is breathtaking.
Tattoo Quotes 65
Don’t be ashamed of your tattoos because it’s a part of your strength. Not everyone has the guts to get them.
Tattoo Quotes 64
Tattoo pain is nothing when it comes to loving yourself and keeping your body the way you want to.
Tattoo Quotes 63
Good memories always get tattooed in your head.
Tattoo Quotes 62
The colours of true Love prepare you to have your body coloured, no matter how painful it is.
Tattoo Quotes 61
Don’t love me so much, otherwise I’ll ink you on me forever.
Tattoo Quotes 60
I got you tattooed on my heart. Now no one can separate us.
Tattoo Quotes 59