Technology Quotes - Making bold forecasts is the best approach to get the most out of technology. Bold forecasts, on the other hand, can be just as destructive to an expert as they are to the average person. Making bad forecasts can harm your career, even if they can help you see into the future. Here are a few technological quotes that can be useful to your company. They will assist you in staying on track and motivated in today's fast-paced world. Our lives have been considerably enhanced by technological advancements. Many people's daily lives have become more convenient as a result of this, from the ease with which simple chores may be completed to more complicated management systems. It's also made it easier for us to communicate with one another. Here are some of the best technology quotes:

Technology Quotes

If technology evolution is bringing a positive change then why does poverty still exist?
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Any sufficiently advanced technology in a business is a magic. Any unlimited addiction to technology in a personal aspect is a hazard.
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Change in revolution for a better living is need of the hour, not a revolution of technology evolution.
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An imagination leads to innovation. Innovation with science and technology is impossible.
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Any exponential technology cannot replace great teachers. But technology in the hands of great teachers is the real transformation.
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Technology is both curse and blessing. It lies with how wisely you use it.
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Social media is holding the smocking gun. Privacy is being dead every day. Think twice before you post.
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Anything made quickly cannot have quality. Anything that’s not visible is not worth.
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Technologies might make you rich, but not happier. Technology might bring you knowledge but not experience.
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Take a closer look at today’s technology; it has separated people from being together. It has bought a more of selfishness.
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Teach how to harness technology so you can use it for positive stuff without being disconnected from nature
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Though technology is applied everywhere take a look on the other side, it has exceeded our humanity.
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Science has grown up so fast that technologies of future are being invented every day
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Technology when used properly can be a useful servant. When it goes beyond limit it ends up being a dangerous master.
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Once we lived using technology. Now we live technology. But the sad part is technology alone is not enough.
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As a technology's shelf life comes to an end, it paves a path for its upgraded versions.
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The development of civilization; and the development of technologies; both go hands in hand.
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Technology at its limit is a challenge to humans' innovative and creative minds.
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The exploration of our Universe is also an exploration of our human technologies.
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Technology development is a competitive field. While one wins, others become obsolete.
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The development of technologies without a set purpose is just a wingless butterfly without its power of flight.
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As technology reaches its limit, a spark of innovation is required to resurrect it.
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Today’s technology paces according to the speed of the service provided to its customers.
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The Dark Age is a real threat to humans as we are more dependent on technologies for our day-to-day work.
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While needs do create technologies but sometimes, technologies create their own need in the market.
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Technologies relevant to the last generation will become useless to the next generation.
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Today technologies become obsolete at a fast pace; due to the rapid development of technologies.
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